3 thoughts on “Components of Gwent that need to change

  1. Ragenti
    April 22, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Some things that should be changed are:
    The special effect of the monster faction – it should be nerfed so that the remaining monster only keeps 50% of its strenght(Eredin could be the exeption here). Compared to the faction ability of scoiatel f.e. its just way to strong. Also I find that the Scoiatel faction ability should be changed so that u can choose who starts before every round instead of just one time (choosing who starts is still pretty lame compared to all point increasing effects of the other factions, wich are usefull no mather wich playstyle you prefer), just like u can draw a card every round if u play nilfgaard or just like every round a monster remains on the battlefield…
    Scoiatel leader cards – specially Francesca and Eithne are rather weak Compared to other boss cards, Eithne is even weaker than a Decoy even if she can replay a gold card, this is just much to situational because also gold cards with immediat one time effects are very situational and once used, most of the time u wouldnt need them anymore. Eithne should also double the base strenght of the replayed card(if its a non gold card only maybe because if u actually can and want to replay a gold card its probably going to hit hard). Francesca should be able to change 5 cards or choose wich cards to draw (change and draw one silver or two bronze).
    The Zoltan card of the Scoiatell faction should have a higher base strenght because if u play with scoiatell buffing is very important and since gold cards are immun to it the 7 points silver card or the 5 points dwarf units that stay on the battlefield are actually much better. So I think he should be buffed to 10 or 11 base strenght, wich would be very balanced compared with other similar effects.
    There is more but…

    This tread is a bit old and much was changed but just in case someone still thinks that the Toat should be weather resistant, than I would say that it would be way to strong than because it already fits into the consumer deck and would be op if it would synergize with the weather deck or it would make the weather deck op.

  2. BlumbyBoggins
    February 24, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    Clear Skies needs to be bronze because we need to be able to carry multiples in order to have a chance of countering weather, brih.

  3. fooly_cooly
    January 7, 2017 at 2:56 am

    Decoy is in no way useless, it can bounce silver cards (non-relentless) and demoted non-relentless gold cards. It can provide a card advantage as well which can often win games.


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