Monsters Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Ancient FogletTurn Start: Boost self by 1 if Fog is anywhere on the Board. Monsters Bronze 6 Ranged Necrophage Loyal
ArachasDeploy: Summon all copies of this Unit. Monsters Bronze 3 Ranged Insectoid Loyal
Arachas BehemothArmor 2 Whenever an Ally Consumes a card, Spawn an Arachas. Effort: Damage self by 1 (ignoring Armor). Monsters Bronze 5 Siege Insectoid Loyal
ArchgriffinDeploy: Remove Weather from the row. Monsters Bronze 7 Multiple Beast Loyal
CaranthirDeploy: Move 5 Enemies to this unit's row on your opponent's side and apply Frost to that row on that side only. Monsters Gold 5 Multiple Mage, Wild Hunt Loyal
CaretakerDeploy: Resurrect a unit from your opponent's Graveyard. Monsters Gold 4 Multiple Relict Loyal
Celaeno HarpyDeploy: Spawn 2 Harpy Eggs to the left of this Unit. Monsters Bronze 5 Multiple Beast Loyal
ChortDeploy, Brave: Strengthen self by 4. Monsters Bronze 6 Multiple Relict Loyal
Crone: BrewessDeploy: Summon Whispess & Weavess. Monsters Silver 8 Siege Loyal
Crone: WeavessDeploy: Summon Brewess & Whispess. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Loyal
Crone: WhispessDeploy: Summon Brewess & Weavess. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Loyal
DagonSpawn: Dagon. Deploy: Spawn Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog or Torrential Rain. Monsters Leader 7
DraugDeploy: Damage a random Enemy by 1. Repeat 6 times. Monsters Gold 7 Multiple Specter Loyal
DrownerDeploy: Move a Unit to this row on its side. Monsters Bronze 7 Multiple Necrophage Loyal
Earth ElementalDeploy: Give this Unit a Shield. Deathwish: Spawn 2 Lesser Earth Elementals at the end of the row. Monsters Bronze 6 Melee Construct Loyal
EkimmaraResilient. Deploy: Consume an Ally. Monsters Bronze 3 Multiple Vampire Loyal
EredinSpawn: Eredin. Deploy: Spawn a Bronze Wild Hunt Unit. Monsters Leader 5
FiendDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. If it's an Enemy, Damage it by half its Power (rounding down and ignoring Armor). Monsters Silver 5 Melee Relict Loyal
Fire ElementalDeploy: Spawn 3 Lesser Fire Elementals. Brave: Strengthen self by 2. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Loyal
FogletSummon or Resurrect this unit whenever you apply Fog to an opposing row and place it on that row on your side. Destroy this Unit when there is no Fog on its row on your opponent's side. Monsters Bronze 2 Multiple Necrophage Loyal
FrightenerDeploy: Draw a card (including Golds). Move adjacent Units to a random row on the same side. Monsters Silver 10 Multiple Construct, Doomed Disloyal
Ge'elsDeploy: Draw a Gold card and a Silver card. Play one and return the other to the top of your Deck. Monsters Gold 2 Multiple Wild Hunt Loyal
GhoulDeploy: Consume a random unit from either Graveyard. Monsters Bronze 4 Melee Necrophage Loyal
Giant ToadDeploy: Consume a card from your Hand, then Draw a card (including Golds). Monsters Silver 5 Multiple Cursed Loyal