Neutral Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Adrenaline RushToggle a Unit's Resilience. Neutral Bronze Event Special
AeromancyPlay a Weather card from your Deck or Graveyard. Shuffle the others from your Deck back. Neutral Silver Event Special
Alzur's Double CrossStrengthen the Highest Unit in your Deck by 2, then play it. Neutral Silver Event Special
Alzur's ThunderDamage a Unit by 7. Neutral Bronze Event Special
Arachas VenomDamage 3 adjacent Units by 4. Neutral Bronze Event Special
Avallac'hDeploy, Clash: Both players Draw 2 cards (including Golds). Neutral Gold 10 Multiple Elf Loyal
Bekker's Twisted MirrorSwap the Power of the Highest and Lowest Unit on the Board. Neutral Silver Event Special
Biting FrostApply Frost to a row. Frost: Turn Start: Damage Units on the row by 1. Neutral Bronze Event Special, Weather
Bloodcurdling RoarDestroy an Ally. Spawn a Bear. Neutral Bronze Event Special
CiriRound End, Brave: If this Unit is on the Board, return it to your Hand. Neutral Gold 7 Multiple Loyal
Ciri: DashWhen this Unit enters the Graveyard, Strengthen it by 3 and shuffle it back into your Deck. Neutral Gold 9 Multiple Loyal
CleaverDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. Neutral Silver 6 Melee Dwarf Loyal
Commander's HornBoost 5 adjacent Units by 4. Neutral Silver Event Special
Cyprian WileyDeploy: Weaken a Unit by 3 or Destroy an Ambush Unit. Neutral Silver 7 Siege Loyal
DecoyReturn an Ally to your Hand, Strengthen it by 3, then play it. Neutral Silver Event Special
Dimeritium BombDemote and Reset 3 adjacent Units. Neutral Silver Event Special
Dimeritium ShacklesToggle a Unit's Lock. If it is Gold, Demote it. Neutral Bronze Event Special
DroughtApply Drought to all rows on your opponent's side. Drought: Turn Start: Damage the Lowest Unit on the row by 3. Neutral Gold Special, Weather
DuduDeploy: Choose an Enemy and copy its Power. Neutral Silver 1 Multiple Relict Loyal
EpidemicDestroy the Lowest Unit(s). Neutral Bronze Event Special
EskelDeploy: Summon Vesemir & Lambert. Neutral Silver 5 Melee Witcher Loyal
First LightSpawn Clear Skies or Rally. Neutral Bronze Event Special
Gaunter O'DimmDeploy: Gamble with the Man of Glass. Success: Play a card from your Deck (including Golds). Shuffle the others back. Failure: Your opponent Draws a card (including Golds). Tie: Both players Draw a card (including Golds). Neutral Gold 5 Multiple Relict Loyal
GeraltDeploy, Brave: Strengthen self by 3. Neutral Gold 10 Multiple Witcher Loyal