Northern Realms Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Aretuza AdeptDeploy: Play a random Bronze Weather card from your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 3 Siege Mage Loyal
BallistaDeploy: Pick an Enemy and Damage it and all Enemies with the same Power by 1 (ignoring Armor). Fresh Crew: Repeat the Deploy ability. Northern Realms Bronze 5 Machine Loyal
Bloody BaronRound End: If this unit is in your Deck, move it to the top. While in your Deck during a Round, Boost self by 1 whenever an Enemy is Destroyed. Northern Realms Gold 4 Multiple Loyal
Blue Stripes CommandoSummon this Unit (only 1 copy) whenever a different Ally with the same power is played and place it on that Unit's row. Trio: Create 1 base copy of a Blue Stripes Command on the bottom of your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 3 Multiple Blue Stripes Loyal
Blue Stripes ScoutArmor 2. Deploy: Clear Weather from the row. Northern Realms Bronze 6 Multiple Blue Stripes Loyal
BotchlingDeploy: Boost all Lubberkins in your Hand, Deck and Graveyard by 5. Deathwish: Summon a Lubberkin. Northern Realms Silver 5 Melee Cursed Loyal
DandelionDeploy: Boost up to 3 Units in your Deck by 3. Northern Realms Gold 8 Multiple Loyal
DethmoldDeploy: Spawn Torrential Rain, Alzur's Thunder or Clear Skies. Northern Realms Silver 3 Siege Mage Loyal
DijkstraDeploy: Play the top 2 cards (including Golds) from your Deck. Northern Realms Gold 4 Multiple Disloyal
Dun Banner Heavy CavalryDeploy: Remove Armor from 2 Units and Boost self by the amount of Armor removed. Northern Realms Bronze 2 Siege Loyal
Dun Banner Light CavalryTurn Start: If you have not passed and are losing the Round by more than 20 Power, Summon this Unit. Northern Realms Bronze 4 Ranged Loyal
Field MedicDeploy: Shuffle a different Bronze Ally back into your Deck, then play a random Bronze Unit from your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 3 Siege Loyal
FoltestSpawn: Foltest Deploy: Boost all Units in your Hand and Deck by 1. Northern Realms Leader 4
HenseltSpawn: Henselt Deploy: Summon all copies of a Bronze Ally. Northern Realms Leader 2
John NatalisDeploy: Force all Northern Realms Machine Allies to Damage a random Enemy by 2. Effort: Weaken self by 1 (to a minimum of 1 base Power). Northern Realms Gold 10 Multiple Loyal
Kaedweni SergeantDeploy: Boost all Units with the same Power as this Unit by 1, wherever they are. Northern Realms Bronze 3 Melee Loyal
Kaedweni Siege ExpertDeploy: Return a Machine Ally to your Hand and immediately play it again. Crewmen 1. Northern Realms Bronze 2 Multiple Loyal
Kaedweni Siege SupportBoost each Ally by 1 when it appears on your side and add 1 Armor to it. If it's a Machine, Boost by 2 and add 2 Armor instead. Crewmen 1. Northern Realms Bronze 4 Multiple Loyal
Keira MetzDeploy: Spawn Quen Sign, Epidemic or Thunderbolt Potion. Northern Realms Gold 5 Multiple Mage Loyal
LubberkinDeploy: Boost all Botchlings in your Hand, Deck and Graveyard by 5. Deathwish: Summon a Botchling. Northern Realms Silver 5 Ranged Cursed Loyal
Margarita Laux–AntilleDeploy: Reset a Unit and toggle its Lock. Northern Realms Silver 4 Siege Mage Loyal
NennekeDeploy: Shuffle up to 3 cards from your Graveyard into your Deck. Northern Realms Silver 8 Siege Loyal
OdrinTurn Start: Move to a random row and Boost Units on it by 1. Northern Realms Silver 4 Multiple Loyal
PavettaDeploy, Clash: Shuffle the Lowest Ally into your Deck, then shuffle the Lowest Enemy into your opponent's Deck (does not affect Pavetta). Northern Realms Silver 5 Doomed, Mage Loyal