Bronze Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Adrenaline RushKeep a non-Gold unit on the battlefield at the end of this round. Neutral Bronze Event Special
Alzur's ThunderRemove 7 strength from a non-Gold unit. Neutral Bronze Event Special
Ancient FogletImmune to Fog. Gain 1 strength at the start of your turn if on a row affected by Fog. Monsters Bronze 6 Ranged Loyal
ArachasPlay all Arachasae from your deck. Monsters Bronze 2 Ranged Breedable Loyal
Arachas BehemothSpawn an Arachas whenever a unit on your side absorbs strength. Monsters Bronze 6 Siege Loyal
ArchgriffinRemove Weather from its row and reset all weakened non-immune units there to their base strength. Monsters Bronze 5 Multiple Loyal
BallistaRemove 2 strength from an opposing non-Gold unit. Northern Realms Bronze 5 Siege Loyal
Ban Ard Adept Northern Realms Bronze 2 Siege
BearGain 2 strength for each weakened unit on the battlefield. Skellige Bronze 4 Melee
BerserkerWhen moved to the graveyard, transform into a Bear. Skellige Bronze 4 Melee Shapeshifter Loyal
Biting FrostSpawn a Frost effect on both Melee rows that sets the strength of all non-Gold units on or appearing there to 1. Neutral Bronze Event Special, Weather
Blue Mountain CommandoReturn a Bronze, non-Relentless unit on your side (other than a Blue Mountain Commando) to your hand and immediately play it again. Scoia'tael Bronze 4 Multiple Elf Loyal
Blue Stripes CommandoAdd 2 strength to all your other Blue Stripes Commandos, wherever they are. Northern Realms Bronze 5 Melee Blue Stripes Loyal
Blue Stripes ScoutAdd 4 strength to a non-Gold unit on your side of the battlefield. Northern Realms Bronze 4 Ranged Blue Stripes Loyal
Clan an Craite RaiderResurrect when discarded. Skellige Bronze 3 Melee Loyal
Clan An Craite WarriorLose 2 strength. Skellige Bronze 7 Melee Loyal
Clan Brokvar ArcherImmune to Rain. Remove 1 strength from 3 non-Gold unit(s). Skellige Bronze 3 Siege Loyal
Clan Brokvar HunterRemove 3 strength from a non-Gold unit. Skellige Bronze 4 Ranged Loyal
Clan Dimun PirateImmune to Fog. Discard all Clan Dimun Pirates from your deck. Skellige Bronze 5 Ranged Loyal
Clan Dimun Pirate CaptainImmune to Fog. Gain 2 strength whenever you discard a unit. Skellige Bronze 3 Ranged Loyal
Clan Heymaey SkaldAdd 2 strength to all other non-Gold units on the row. Skellige Bronze 4 Multiple Loyal
Clan Tordarroch ShieldsmithAdd 2 base strength to a non-Gold unit on your side of the battlefield. Skellige Bronze 5 Siege Loyal
Clan Tuirseach AxemanGain 2 strength whenever another unit on your side is weakened. Skellige Bronze 2 Ranged Loyal
Clan Tuirseach SkirmishersWhen resurrected, gain 4 base strength. Skellige Bronze 5 Melee Loyal