Gold Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AglaisResurrect a non-Gold Special Card from your graveyard. Scoia'tael Gold 5 Siege Dryad, Relentless Loyal
AssassinationLock and destroy an opposing non-Gold unit. Locked units lose all tokens and have no ability until replayed or moved to a hand. Nilfgaard Gold Event Special
Avallac'hDraw 2 cards. The opposing player draws 1 card. Monsters Gold 8 Siege Disloyal
Bekker's Twisted MirrorSwap the strength of the strongest and the weakest unit on the battlefield. Ties are resolved randomly. Neutral Gold Event Special
Birna BranDraw 2 cards. Keep 1 and discard the rest. Skellige Gold 10 Ranged Disloyal
Bloody BaronSpawn a Botchling or a Lubberkin. Northern Realms Gold 6 Siege Loyal
CahirIf your opponent has not passed, enable your Leader for use and your opponent draws the top Bronze card in their deck and reveals it. Nilfgaard Gold 10 Melee Loyal
CaranthirGain Weather Immunity. Spawn a Frost effect and 2 Wild Hunt Hounds. Monsters Gold 6 Melee Wild Hunt Loyal
CaretakerResurrect a non-Gold, non-Permadeath unit from the opposing graveyard. Monsters Gold 6 Siege Permadeath Loyal
CerysWhen moved to graveyard, convert to Silver. Skellige Gold 8 Melee Loyal
CiriReturn to your hand if you lose the round. Neutral Gold 6 Melee Loyal
Ciri: DashWhen moved to the graveyard, randomly place in your deck and gain 3 base strength. Neutral Gold 9 Ranged Loyal
CoralSpawn the appropriate Weather effect on the opposite row only. Skellige Gold 6 Multiple Mage Loyal
DijkstraLook at all Gold cards in your deck. Play one and place the others back randomly in your deck. Northern Realms Gold 1 Multiple Disloyal
DraugRemove 1 strength from a random opposing non-Gold unit 7 times. Monsters Gold 7 Melee Loyal
ErmionDraw 2 cards, then discard 2 cards. Skellige Gold 6 Siege Loyal
GeraltNo ability. Neutral Gold 12 Melee Witcher Loyal
Geralt: AardChoose 3 adjacent units on the opposing Melee or Ranged row. Move all non-Gold units among them one row back, then remove 1 strength from all moved units. Neutral Gold 7 Ranged Witcher Loyal
Geralt: IgniDestroy the strongest non-Gold unit(s) on the opposite row if that row totals 20 or more strength. Neutral Gold 4 Multiple Witcher Loyal
HjalmarSpawn a Lord of Undvik on the opposing side. Skellige Gold 15 Melee Loyal
ImlerithGain Weather Immunity. Choose any opposing unit. Remove 3 strength from it (if non-Gold) and 1 strength from non-Gold units adjacent to it. Monsters Gold 9 Melee Wild Hunt Loyal
IorvethRemove 6 strength from a non-Gold unit on the battlefield. Scoia'tael Gold 7 Ranged Elf Loyal
IsengrimSpawn 1 Commando Neophyte on a random row whenever you play a Special Card. Scoia'tael Gold 7 Ranged Elf Loyal
IthlinneChoose 3 adjacent units. Lock or unlock non-Gold units among them. Locked units lose all tokens and have no ability until replayed or moved to a hand. Scoia'tael Gold 6 Ranged Elf, Mage Loyal