Gold Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AglaisResurrect a non-Gold Special Card from either graveyard. Scoia'tael Gold 5 Multiple Dryad Loyal
Avallac'hDraw 2 cards. Your opponent draws 1 card. Monsters Gold 6 Siege Disloyal
Bekker's Twisted MirrorSwap the strength of the strongest and the weakest units on the battlefield. Ties are resolved randomly. Neutral Gold Event Special
Birna BranDraw 3 cards. Keep 1 and discard the rest. Skellige Gold 8 Ranged Disloyal
Bloody BaronSpawn a Botchling or a Lubberkin. Northern Realms Gold 6 Siege Loyal
CaranthirImmune to Frost. Spawn a Frost effect and 2 Wild Hunt Hounds. Monsters Gold 8 Melee Wild Hunt Loyal
CaretakerResurrect a non-Gold unit (can be Permadeath) from your opponent's graveyard. Monsters Gold 6 Siege Permadeath Loyal
CerysWhen moved to graveyard, convert to Silver. Skellige Gold 8 Melee Loyal
ChironexRemove 2 strength from all other units. Neutral Gold 1 Siege
CiriReturn to your hand if you lose the round. Neutral Gold 6 Melee Loyal
Ciri: DashWhen destroyed, move to your deck and gain 3 base strength. Neutral Gold 9 Ranged Loyal
CoralSpawn Fog and Rain effects on the opposing side only. Skellige Gold 6 Ranged Mage Loyal
DijkstraConvert all other Gold units to Silver (or Bronze, if that was their original color). Gain 1 strength for each unit converted. Northern Realms Gold 5 Siege Loyal
DraugDestroy all non-Gold units with 3 strength or lower on both sides of the battlefield. Monsters Gold 8 Melee Loyal
ErmionIf possible, discard 2 cards and draw 2 cards. Skellige Gold 6 Siege Loyal
GeraltNo ability. Neutral Gold 12 Melee Witcher Loyal
Geralt: AardMove all non-Gold units on the opposite row one row back. Remove 1 strength from all moved units. Neutral Gold 6 Multiple Loyal
Geralt: IgniDestroy the strongest non-Gold unit(s) on the opposite row if that row totals 20 or more strength. Neutral Gold 6 Multiple Witcher Loyal
HemdallDestroy all non-Gold units on both sides of the battlefield and remove all Weather effects. Skellige Gold 12 Melee
HjalmarSpawn a Lord of Undvik on the opposite side. Skellige Gold 15 Melee Loyal
ImlerithImmune to Frost. Remove 3 strength from an opposing unit and 1 strength from all other units on its row. Monsters Gold 8 Melee Wild Hunt Loyal
IorvethRemove 6 strength from an opposing unit. Scoia'tael Gold 6 Multiple Elf Loyal
IsengrimSpawn 1 Commando Neophytes on random row whenever you play a Special Card. Scoia'tael Gold 6 Multiple Elf Loyal
John NatalisAdd 3 strength to 3 non-Gold units on your side of the battlefield. Northern Realms Gold 5 Melee Loyal