Leader Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Brouver HoogSpawn: Brouver Hoog Deploy: Play a Silver Unit from your Deck. Shuffle the others back. Scoia'tael Leader 4
Crach An CraiteSpawn: Crach an Criate Deploy: Play the Highest Loyal Bronze or Silver Unit in your Deck, Strengthen it by 3 and Damage it by 1. Skellige Leader 4
DagonSpawn: Dagon. Deploy: Spawn Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog or Torrential Rain. Monsters Leader 6
EithnéSpawn: Eithne Deploy: Resurrect a Special card. Scoia'tael Leader 5
Emhyr Var EmreisSpawn: Emhyr var Emreis Deploy: Return an Ally to your Hand, then play a card from your Hand (can be Gold). Nilfgaard Leader 4
EredinSpawn: Eredin. Deploy: Spawn a Bronze Wild Hunt Unit. Monsters Leader 5
FoltestSpawn: Foltest Deploy: Boost all Loyal Bronze and Silver Units in your Hand and Deck by 1. Northern Realms Leader 5
FrancescaSpawn: Francesca Deploy: Mulligan up to 3 cards. Scoia'tael Leader 6
Harald the CrippleSpawn: Harald the Cripple Deploy: Damage a Unit by 5. If this Destroys it, repeat this ability with Damage Power reduced by 1. Skellige Leader 3
HenseltSpawn: Henselt Deploy: Choose a Bronze Ally. Play all copies of it from your Deck. Northern Realms Leader 2
John CalveitSpawn: John Calveit Deploy: Look at the top 3 cards in your Deck. Play 1. The others remain on top. Nilfgaard Leader 4
King BranSpawn: King Bran Deploy: Discard up to 3 cards from your Deck and Strengthen all Units among them by 1. Then shuffle your deck. Skellige Leader 4
Morvran VoorhisSpawn: Morvran Voorhis Deploy: Reveal up to 3 cards from either player's Hand (can be Golds). Nilfgaard Leader 6
RadovidSpawn: Radovid Deploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If Enemies, Damage them by 4 as well. Northern Realms Leader 4
Unseen ElderSpawn Unseen Elder. Deploy: Consume 3 Allies, but Strengthen instead of Boosting. Monsters Leader 5