Leader Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Brouver HoogPlay a Silver card from your deck. Scoia'tael Leader Dwarf
Crach An CraiteSpawn 2 Clan an Craite Warriors. Skellige Leader
DagonSpawn a Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog Torrential Rain or First Light card. Monsters Leader Vodyanoi
EithnéReturn a non-Relentless unit on your side to your hand and immediately play it again. Scoia'tael Leader Dryad
Emhyr Var EmreisReveal 3 random cards in the opposing hand. Nilfgaard Leader
EredinPlay Eredin. Monsters Leader Wild Hunt
FoltestChoose a Bronze unit on your side of the battlefield. Spawn an exact copy on the same row. Northern Realms Leader
FrancescaRedraw up to 3 cards. Scoia'tael Leader Elf
Ge'elsSet the strength of all non-Gold units on one of your rows to 6. Monsters Leader Wild Hunt
Harald the CrippleRemove 3 strength from all weakened opposing units and 2 strength from all other opposing units. Skellige Leader
HenseltConvert all units on one of your rows to Gold until removed from the battlefield or the round ends. Northern Realms Leader
John CalveitMove all Spying non-Gold units to your side of the battlefield. Nilfgaard Leader
King BranDiscard up to 3 cards from your deck and add 1 base strength to them. Then shuffle your deck. Skellige Leader
Morvran VoorhisLook at the top 3 cards in your deck and play 1. Nilfgaard Leader
RadovidRemove 8 strength from any unit. Northern Realms Leader