Silver Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AelirennSummon this Unit when you have 5 or more Elf Allies. Scoia'tael Silver 6 Ranged Elf Loyal
AeromancyPlay a Weather card from your Deck or Graveyard. Shuffle the others from your Deck back. Neutral Silver Event Special
AlbrichDeploy, Clash: Each player Draws a card (including Golds). The card Drawn by your opponent is Revealed. Nilfgaard Silver 9 Siege Mage Loyal
Alzur's Double CrossStrengthen the Highest Unit in your Deck by 2, then play it. Neutral Silver Event Special
Assire Var AnahidDeploy: Shuffle up to 2 cards from your Graveyard into your Deck. Nilfgaard Silver 10 Siege Mage Loyal
AuckesDeploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. if Enemies, also Damage them by 1. Nilfgaard Silver 4 Ranged Witcher Loyal
Barclay ElsDeploy: Play a random Dwarf from your Deck (including Golds) and Boost it by 3. Scoia'tael Silver 2 Siege Dwarf Loyal
Bekker's Twisted MirrorSwap the Power of the Highest and Lowest Unit on the Board. Neutral Silver Event Special
Blueboy LugosVeteran: Strength self by 1. Deploy: Spawn a Spectral Whale on your opponent's side. Skellige Silver 6 Melee Loyal
BotchlingDeploy: Boost all Lubberkins in your Hand, Deck and Graveyard by 5. Deathwish: Summon a Lubberkin. Northern Realms Silver 5 Melee Cursed Loyal
BraennDeploy: Damage an Enemy by this Unit's Power. Scoia'tael Silver 5 Ranged Dryad Loyal
CantarellaDeploy: Draw a card (including Golds). Keep it, or place it at the bottom of your Deck and Draw another. Nilfgaard Silver 10 Multiple Doomed Disloyal
CeallachDeploy: Move 2 Bronze Spying Enemies to your side. Nilfgaard Silver 8 Melee Loyal
Champion of ChampionsTurn Start: Strengthen this Unit by 2 if it is the only Unit on the row. Skellige Silver 5 Multiple Ogroid Loyal
CiaranDeploy: Move a Unit to this row on its side and toggle its Lock. Scoia'tael Silver 8 Multiple Elf Loyal
CleaverDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. Neutral Silver 6 Melee Dwarf Loyal
Commander's HornBoost 5 adjacent Units by 4. Neutral Silver Event Special
Crone: BrewessDeploy: Summon Whispess & Weavess. Monsters Silver 8 Siege Loyal
Crone: WeavessDeploy: Summon Brewess & Whispess. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Loyal
Crone: WhispessDeploy: Summon Brewess & Weavess. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Loyal
CynthiaDeploy: Reveal the Highest unit (including Golds) in your opponent's Hand and Boost self by the Revealed Unit's Power. Nilfgaard Silver 4 Ranged Mage Loyal
Cyprian WileyDeploy: Weaken a Unit by 3 or Destroy an Ambush Unit. Neutral Silver 7 Siege Loyal
DecoyReturn an Ally to your Hand, Strengthen it by 3, then play it. Neutral Silver Event Special
Dennis CranmerDeploy: Strengthen all other Dwarves in your Deck, Hand and on your side of the Board by 1. Scoia'tael Silver 8 Melee Dwarf Loyal