Spawn Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AbayaDeploy: Spawn Torrential Rain, Clear Skies or Arachas Venom. Monsters Silver 3 Siege Necrophage Loyal
Arachas BehemothWhenever an Ally Consumes a card, Spawn an Arachas Hatchling on a random row and Damage self by 1 (ignoring Armor). Deploy: Gain 2 Armor. Monsters Bronze 6 Multiple Insectoid Loyal
Avallac'h: The SageDeploy: Spawn a copy of a random different Gold or Silver Unit from your opponent's Deck. Neutral Gold 2 Multiple Elf, Mage Loyal
Bloodcurdling RoarDestroy an Ally. Spawn a Bear. Neutral Bronze Event Organic, Special
Blueboy LugosDeploy: Spawn a Spectral Whale on a random opposing row. Skellige Silver 8 Melee Drummond, Soldier Loyal
CeallachDeploy: Spawn an Ambassador, Assassin or Emissary. Nilfgaard Silver 2 Ranged Officer Loyal
Celaeno HarpyDeploy: Spawn 2 Harpy Eggs to the left. Monsters Bronze 5 Multiple Beast Loyal
DagonDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Spawn Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog or Torrential Rain. Monsters Leader 5 Vodyanoi
DethmoldDeploy: Spawn Torrential Rain, Clear Skies or Alzur's Thunder. Northern Realms Silver 3 Siege Kaedwen, Mage Loyal
Dol Blathanna TrapperDeploy: Spawn a Fireball Trap on an opposing row. Scoia'tael Bronze 6 Ranged Elf, Soldier Loyal
DorregarayDeploy: Spawn a Savage Bear, Wyvern, Ekimmara or Drowner. Neutral Silver 2 Siege Mage Loyal
DraugDeploy: Spawn a Draugir on a random row on the side of each player with at least one Bronze or Silver Card in their Graveyard. Monsters Gold 8 Multiple Officer, Specter Loyal
Dwarven AgitatorDeploy: Spawn a base copy of a random different Bronze Dwarf from your Deck. Scoia'tael Bronze 2 Multiple Dwarf, Support Loyal
Earth ElementalDeploy: Give this Unit a Shield. Deathwish: Spawn 2 Lesser Earth Elementals at the end of the row. Monsters Bronze 6 Melee Construct Loyal
EredinDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Spawn a Bronze Wild Hunt Unit. Monsters Leader 5 Wild Hunt
First LightSpawn Clear Skies or Rally. Neutral Bronze Event Special
Germain of Fox HollowDeploy: Spawn 2 Cows to the right and 2 Cows to the left. Neutral Silver 8 Multiple Officer Loyal
GremistDeploy: Spawn Impenetrable Fog, Clear Skies or Bloodcurdling Roar. Skellige Silver 3 Siege Support Loyal
Hanmarvyn's Blue DreamDeploy: Spawn a copy of a Gold card from your opponent's Graveyard and, if it's a Unit (but not an Agent or Double Agent), Boost it by 2. Neutral Gold Event Alchemy, Special
Harald HoundsnoutDeploy: Spawn Wilfred to the left, Wilhelm to the right and Wilmar on the opposite row. Skellige Silver 6 Multiple Cursed Loyal
HjalmarDeploy: Spawn the Lord of Undvik on the leftmost side of the opposite row. Skellige Gold 14 Multiple An Craite, Officer Loyal
Ida EmeanDeploy: Spawn Impenetrable Fog, Clear Skies or Overdose. Scoia'tael Silver 3 Siege Elf, Mage Loyal
IfritDeploy: Spawn 3 Lesser Fire Elementals. Monsters Silver 7 Siege Construct Loyal
IthlinneDeploy: Play a Bronze Spell, Boon or Hazard card from your Deck, then Spawn a copy of it. Shuffle the others back. Scoia'tael Gold 2 Multiple Elf, Mage Loyal