Melee Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Alba PikemanAfter 2 turns, at the start of your turn, play an Alba Pikeman on the row. Nilfgaard Bronze 5 Melee Loyal
AmbassadorDeploy: Boost an Ally by 10. Nilfgaard Bronze 2 Melee Disloyal
Berserker MarauderDeploy: Strengthen self by 1 for each Damaged Enemy (including Golds), then Damage self by 1. Skellige Bronze 6 Melee Cursed, Regressing Loyal
Blueboy LugosVeteran: 1. Deploy: Spawn a Spectral Whale on your opponent's side. Skellige Silver 6 Melee Loyal
BotchlingDeploy: Boost all Lubberkins in your Hand, Deck and Graveyard by 5. Deathwish: Play a Lubberkin from your Deck. Northern Realms Silver 5 Melee Cursed Loyal
CeallachDeploy: Move 2 Bronze Spying Enemies to your side. Nilfgaard Silver 8 Melee Loyal
Clan an Craite RaiderVeteran: 1. Whenever this Unit is Discarded, Resurrect it immediately. Skellige Bronze 4 Melee Loyal
Clan An Craite WarriorVeteran: 1. Deploy: Damage self by 1. Skellige Bronze 9 Melee Loyal
Clan Tuirseach SkirmishersVeteran: 1. Whenever this Unit enters the Graveyard, Strengthen it by 3. Skellige Bronze 6 Melee Loyal
CleaverDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. Neutral Silver 6 Melee Dwarf Loyal
Commando NeophyteWhenever you Mulligan a card, Damage a random Enemy by 2. Scoia'tael Bronze 7 Melee Elf Loyal
Daerlan Foot SoldiersWhen this Unit is Revealed, play it and draw the top card from your Deck. Nilfgaard Bronze 4 Melee Loyal
Dennis CranmerDeploy: Strengthen all other Bronze and Silver Dwarves in your Deck, Hand and on your side of the Board by 1. Scoia'tael Silver 8 Melee Dwarf Loyal
Earth ElementalDeploy: Give this Unit a Shield. Deathwish: Spawn 2 Lesser Earth Elementals at the end of the row. Monsters Bronze 6 Melee Construct Loyal
Elven WardancerWhenever you Mulligan this Unit, play it from your Deck immediately. Scoia'tael Bronze 3 Melee Elf Loyal
EskelDeploy: Play Vesemir and Lambert from your Deck. Neutral Silver 5 Melee Witcher Loyal
FiendDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. If it's an Enemy, Damage it by half its Power (rounding down and ignoring Armor). Monsters Silver 5 Melee Relict Loyal
GhoulDeploy: Consume a random unit from either Graveyard. Monsters Bronze 4 Melee Necrophage Loyal
Impera BrigadeWhenever you play a Spying Unit (including Golds), Boost self by 2. Deploy: Boost self by 2 for each Spying Enemy (including Golds). Nilfgaard Bronze 6 Melee Loyal
Imperial GolemOrders: Play this Unit from your Deck. Nilfgaard Bronze 2 Melee Construct Loyal
Jutta an DimunVeteran: 1. Deploy: Damage self by 1. Skellige Silver 12 Melee Loyal
Kaedweni SergeantDeploy: Boost by 1 this Unit and all Loyal Units with the same Power in your Hand, Deck or on your side of the Board. Crewmen 1. Northern Realms Bronze 3 Melee Loyal
KatakanDeploy: Consume a Unit from either Graveyard. Monsters Silver 5 Melee Vampire Loyal
LambertDeploy: Play Eskel and Vesemir from your Deck. Neutral Silver 5 Melee Witcher Loyal