Multiple Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
ArchgriffinRemove Weather from its row. Monsters Bronze 6 Multiple Loyal
BraennRemove an amount equal to this unit's strength from an opposing non-Gold unit. Scoia'tael Silver 4 Multiple Dryad Loyal
Champion of ChampionsGain 2 base strength at the start of your turn if it's the sole revealed unit on the row. Skellige Silver 4 Multiple Loyal
CiaranAmbush: When the round ends, return to the hand of the current owner if that player lost. Scoia'tael Silver 1 Multiple Ambush, Elf Disloyal, Loyal
Clan Heymaey SkaldAdd 3 strength to adjacent non-Gold units. Skellige Bronze 4 Multiple Loyal
Clan Tordarroch ArmorsmithGain Weather Immunity. Reset all (if weakened) and weakened non-Gold units within 4 spaces to the left to base strength. Skellige Bronze 5 Multiple Loyal
CoralSpawn the appropriate Weather effect on the opposite row only. Skellige Gold 6 Multiple Mage Loyal
Dennis CranmerAt the end of each turn, reset all other non-Gold units on the row to base strength. Scoia'tael Silver 4 Multiple Dwarf Disloyal, Loyal
DijkstraLook at all Gold cards in your deck. Play one and place the others back randomly in your deck. Northern Realms Gold 1 Multiple Disloyal
Dol Blathanna MarksmanRemove 5 strength from an opposing non-Gold unit with strength of 10 or more. Scoia'tael Bronze 7 Multiple Elf Loyal
Dol Blathanna TrapperAmbush: When a revealed non-Gold unit appears on the row, remove 5 strength from adjacent non-Gold units. Scoia'tael Bronze 2 Multiple Ambush, Elf Disloyal, Loyal
EkimmaraDestroy a non-Gold unit on your side and absorb its strength. Monsters Bronze 6 Multiple Devourer, Vampire Loyal
Ele'yasWhile in your hand, deck or on the battlefield, gain 2 strength whenever a Commando Neophyte appears on your side. Scoia'tael Silver 4 Multiple Elf Loyal
Elven WardancerGain 4 strength whenever you play an Ambush. Scoia'tael Bronze 4 Multiple Elf Loyal
Fireball TrapAmbush: When a revealed non-Gold unit appears on the opposite side, remove 3 strength from it and spawn a Commando Neophyte on a random row. Scoia'tael Bronze 1 Multiple Ambush Loyal
Geralt: IgniDestroy the strongest non-Gold unit(s) on the opposite row if that row totals 20 or more strength. Neutral Gold 4 Multiple Witcher Loyal
Hawker HealerAdd 3 strength to adjacent non-Gold units. Scoia'tael Bronze 4 Multiple Elf Loyal
Hawker SmugglerGain 1 strength whenever a revealed non-Gold unit appears on the opposing side. Scoia'tael Bronze 4 Multiple Loyal
Ida EmeanAmbush: When the next opposing non-Gold Special Card is played, cancel its effects. Scoia'tael Silver 5 Multiple Ambush, Elf, Mage Loyal
IrisWhen destroyed, add 3 strength to all opposing non-Gold units. Neutral Silver 1 Multiple Disloyal
Keira MetzSet the strength of the unit on the right (if non-Gold) to that of the unit on the left (if non-Gold). Northern Realms Gold 4 Multiple Mage Disloyal, Loyal
Letho of GuletBanish non-Gold units within 2 spaces and add their strength to this unit's base strength. When removed, set base strength to 1 (even when Locked). Nilfgaard Gold 1 Multiple Witcher Disloyal, Loyal
MalenaRemove 1 strength from a random opposing non-gold unit whenever a non-Ambush Elf unit appears on your side. Scoia'tael Silver 6 Multiple Elf Loyal
MorennDestroy an unrevealed Ambush card, then gain 4 strength. Scoia'tael Silver 7 Multiple Dryad Loyal