Ranged Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AelirennWhen you have 5 or more Elf Allies, play this Unit from your Deck. Scoia'tael Silver 6 Ranged Elf Loyal
Alba SpearmenDeploy: Give this Unit a Shield. Nilfgaard Bronze 8 Ranged Loyal
AlchemistDeploy: Reveal a card. Nilfgaard Bronze 8 Ranged Mage Loyal
ArachasDeploy: Play all Arachasae from your Deck. Monsters Bronze 3 Ranged Insectoid Loyal
AuckesDeploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If Enemies, Damage them by 1 as well. Nilfgaard Silver 4 Ranged Witcher Loyal
Black Infantry ArbalestDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 3. If it was Boosted, Damage it by 5 instead. Nilfgaard Bronze 5 Ranged Loyal
BraennDeploy: Damage an Enemy by this Unit's Power. Scoia'tael Silver 5 Ranged Loyal
Clan Drummond ShieldmaidenDeploy: Damage a Unit by 2. If it was already Damaged, play a Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden from your Deck. Skellige Bronze 3 Ranged Loyal
CynthiaDeploy: Reveal one of the Highest Units in your opponent's Hand (including Golds) and Boost self by its Power. Nilfgaard Silver 5 Ranged Mage Loyal
Dol Blathanna ArcherDeploy: Damage Enemies by 3 and then 1. Scoia'tael Bronze 5 Ranged Elf Loyal
Dol Blathanna MarksmanEvery time this Unit is moved, Damage a random Enemy by 2. Deploy: Damage an Enemy by 2. Scoia'tael Bronze 6 Ranged Elf Loyal
Dol Blathanna TrapperDeploy: Spawn a Fireball Trap on an opposing row. Scoia'tael Bronze 6 Ranged Elf Loyal
Donar an HindarVeteran 1. Deploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. Discard a random Bronze card from your opponent's Deck to your Graveyard. Skellige Silver 6 Ranged Loyal
Dun Banner Light CavalryIf at the start of your turn you have not passed and are losing the Round by more than 20 Power, play this Unit from your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 4 Ranged Loyal
Hawker SmugglerWhenever an Enemy appears, Boost self by 1. Scoia'tael Bronze 4 Ranged Elf Loyal
Impera EnforcersDeploy: Look at the top card in your Deck. If it's Bronze, gain 2 Armor. If it's Silver, Boost self by 1. If it's Gold, Promote self. Nilfgaard Bronze 8 Ranged Loyal
King of BeggarsDeploy, Brave: Strengthen self enough to tie the Round or to a maximum of 15 base Power. Neutral Silver 5 Ranged Loyal
LubberkinDeploy: Boost all Botchlings in your Hand, Deck and Graveyard by 5. Deathwish: Play a Botchling from your Deck. Northern Realms Silver 5 Ranged Cursed Loyal
MyrgtabrakkeDeploy: Damage Units by 2, 2 and then 1. Neutral Silver 5 Ranged Draconid Loyal
Nauzicaa BrigadeDeploy: Damage a Spying Unit by 5. If it was Destroyed, Strengthen self by 4. Nilfgaard Bronze 5 Ranged Loyal
OperatorDeploy: Choose a Bronze Unit in your Hand and create a base copy of it in both players' Hands. Neutral Silver 7 Ranged Doomed, Mage, Stubborn Loyal
PavettaDeploy: If neither player has passed, shuffle the Lowest Ally into your Deck, then shuffle the Lowest Enemy into your opponent's Deck. Does not affect Pavetta. Northern Realms Silver 7 Ranged Doomed, Mage Loyal
Reaver ScoutDeploy: Choose a different Bronze Ally. Play a copy of it from your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 1 Ranged Loyal
Sile de TansarvilleDeploy: You may play a Bronze Special card from your Hand. If you do, draw the top card from your Deck. Northern Realms Silver 6 Ranged Mage Loyal