Ranged Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Ancient FogletImmune to Fog. Gain 1 strength at the start of your turn if on a row affected by Fog. Monsters Bronze 6 Ranged Loyal
ArachasPlay all Arachasae from your deck. Monsters Bronze 2 Ranged Breedable Loyal
Birna BranDraw 3 cards. Keep 1 and discard the rest. Skellige Gold 8 Ranged Disloyal
Blue Stripes ScoutAdd 4 strength to a non-Gold unit on your side of the battlefield. Northern Realms Bronze 4 Ranged Blue Stripes Loyal
Ciri: DashWhen destroyed, move to your deck and gain 3 base strength. Neutral Gold 9 Ranged Loyal
Clan Brokvar HunterRemove 3 strength from a non-Gold unit. Skellige Bronze 4 Ranged Loyal
Clan Dimun PirateImmune to Fog. Discard all Clan Dimun Pirates from your deck. Skellige Bronze 5 Ranged Loyal
Clan Dimun Pirate CaptainImmune to Fog. Gain 2 strength whenever you discard a unit. Skellige Bronze 3 Ranged Loyal
Clan Tuirseach AxemanGain 2 strength whenever another unit on your side is weakened. Skellige Bronze 2 Ranged Loyal
CoralSpawn Fog and Rain effects on the opposing side only. Skellige Gold 6 Ranged Mage Loyal
Donar an HindarDraw 1 card and discard 1 random non-Gold card from your deck. Skellige Silver 8 Ranged Disloyal
DuduSet strength to that of an opposing non-Gold unit. Neutral Silver 1 Ranged Loyal
Dun Banner Light CavalryNo ability. Northern Realms Bronze 7 Ranged Loyal
Dwarven MercenaryGain 2 strength for each Dwarf unit on your side of the battlefield. Scoia'tael Bronze 3 Ranged Dwarf Loyal
Fire ElementalSpawn a Lesser Fire Elemental on this unit's row at the start of your turn. Monsters Silver 5 Ranged Loyal
FogletImmune to Fog. Play from your deck or graveyard whenever Fog is spawned. Gain 1 strength whenever a Fog effect is applied. Destroy when moved outside of Fog or Fog is removed. Monsters Bronze 1 Ranged Loyal
Grave HagAfter 1 turn, banish all non-Gold units in your graveyard and gain 1 strength for each. Monsters Silver 2 Ranged Loyal
Holger BlackhandImmune to Fog. Remove 2 strength from 3 non-Gold units. Skellige Silver 4 Ranged Loyal
KambiAfter 3 turns, spawn Hemdall on this unit's side. Destroy Kambi whenever Hemdall appears on the same side. Skellige Gold 3 Ranged Disloyal
King of BeggarsPlay the weakest non-Gold unit from your deck. Ties are resolved randomly. Neutral Silver 4 Ranged Loyal
MalenaRemove 1 strength from a random opposing non-gold unit whenever a revealed Elf unit appears on your side. Scoia'tael Silver 4 Ranged Elf
Margarita Laux–AntilleSpawn a Ban Ard Adept whenever a Gold card appears on your side. Northern Realms Silver 6 Ranged Mage Loyal
MyrgtabrakkeChoose a non-Gold unit three times. Remove 3 strength the first time, 2 the second and 1 the third. Neutral Silver 4 Ranged Dragon Loyal
OperatorChoose a non-Gold unit in your hand (other than the Operator). Create an exact copy in both players' hands. Banish when destroyed. Neutral Silver 6 Ranged Fleeting, Mage, Relentless Loyal