Siege Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AbayaDeploy: Spawn Torrential Rain, Clear Skies or Arachas Venom. Monsters Silver 3 Siege Necrophage Loyal
AlbrichDeploy: If neither player has passed, each player draws the top card from their Deck. Your opponent's card is Revealed. Nilfgaard Silver 9 Siege Mage Loyal
Arachas BehemothWhenever an Ally Consumes a card, Spawn an Arachas Hatchling on a random row and Damage self by 1 (ignoring Armor). Deploy: Gain 2 Armor. Monsters Bronze 6 Siege Insectoid Loyal
Aretuza AdeptDeploy: Play a random Bronze Weather card from your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 3 Siege Mage, Temeria Loyal
Assire Var AnahidDeploy: Shuffle up to 2 Bronze or Silver cards from either Graveyard into that player's Deck. Nilfgaard Silver 10 Siege Mage Loyal
Ban Ard TutorDeploy: You may Mulligan a card, but choose a Bronze Spell or Alchemy card from your Deck to replace it. Then shuffle your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 9 Siege Kaedwen, Mage Loyal
Barclay ElsDeploy: Play a random Bronze or Silver Dwarf from your Deck and Strengthen it by 3. Scoia'tael Silver 2 Siege Dwarf, Officer Loyal
Clan Brokvar ArcherDeploy: Damage 3 Units by 1. Skellige Bronze 7 Siege Brokvar, Soldier Loyal
Clan Tordarroch ShieldsmithDeploy: Strengthen an Ally by 2 and give it 2 Armor. Skellige Bronze 7 Siege Support Loyal
Combat EngineerDeploy: Toggle a Bronze or Silver Unit's Resilience. Nilfgaard Bronze 6 Siege Support Loyal
Crone: BrewessDeploy: Play Whispess and Weavess from your Deck. Monsters Silver 8 Siege Mage, Relict Loyal
Crone: WeavessDeploy: Play Brewess and Whispess from your Deck. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Mage, Relict Loyal
Crone: WhispessDeploy: Play Brewess and Weavess from your Deck. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Mage, Relict Loyal
CyclopsDeploy: Destroy an Ally and Damage an Enemy by the Destroyed Ally's Power. If the Destroyed Ally had a Deathwish, Strengthen self by 3. Monsters Bronze 7 Siege Ogroid Loyal
Cyprian WileyDeploy: Weaken a Unit by 3 or Destroy a face-down Ambush Unit. Neutral Silver 8 Siege Redania Loyal
DethmoldDeploy: Spawn Torrential Rain, Clear Skies or Alzur's Thunder. Northern Realms Silver 3 Siege Kaedwen, Mage Loyal
DorregarayDeploy: Spawn a Savage Bear, Wyvern, Ekimmara or Drowner. Neutral Silver 2 Siege Mage Loyal
Draig Bon-DhuDeploy: Strengthen up to 2 Units in your Graveyard by 3. Skellige Silver 4 Siege Loyal
Dun Banner Heavy CavalryDeploy: Remove Armor from a Unit and Boost self by the amount of Armor removed. Northern Realms Bronze 8 Siege Kaedwen, Soldier Loyal
Dwarven SkirmisherDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 3. If it was not Destroyed, Strengthen self by 2. Scoia'tael Bronze 6 Siege Dwarf, Soldier Loyal
Field MedicDeploy: Choose a different Bronze Ally and shuffle it back into your Deck, then play a random Bronze Unit from your Deck. Northern Realms Bronze 6 Siege Support Loyal
Fire ScorpionWhenever you Reveal this Unit in your Hand, trigger its Deploy ability. Deploy: Damage an Enemy by 4. Nilfgaard Bronze 6 Siege Machine Loyal
GremistDeploy: Spawn Impenetrable Fog, Clear Skies or Bloodcurdling Roar. Skellige Silver 3 Siege Support Loyal
GriffinDeploy: Trigger the Deathwish of a Bronze Ally. Monsters Bronze 8 Siege Beast Loyal