Common Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Alba SpearmenWhenever a player draws a card to their Hand, Boost self by 1. Nilfgaard Bronze 8 Multiple Soldier Loyal
AlchemistDeploy: Reveal up to 2 cards. Nilfgaard Bronze 8 Multiple Mage Loyal
Alzur's ThunderDamage a Unit by 7. Neutral Bronze Event Special, Spell
AmbassadorDeploy: Boost an Ally by 12. Nilfgaard Bronze 2 Multiple Agent Disloyal
ArachasDeploy: Play all copies of this Unit from your Deck. Monsters Bronze 3 Ranged Insectoid Loyal
Arachas VenomDamage 3 adjacent Units by 4. Neutral Bronze Event Organic, Special
ArchgriffinDeploy: Clear Hazards from the row on your side. Move a Bronze card from one Graveyard to the other. Monsters Bronze 8 Multiple Beast Loyal
BallistaDeploy: Damage an Enemy and up to 4 other random Enemies with the same Power by 1. Fresh Crew: Repeat the Deploy ability. Northern Realms Bronze 6 Multiple Machine Loyal
Berserker MarauderRegressing. Deploy: Strengthen self by 1 for each Damaged and for each Cursed Ally, then Damage self by 1. Skellige Bronze 8 Multiple Cursed, Regressing, Soldier, Svalblod Loyal
Biting FrostApply a Frost Hazard to an opposing row. Frost Hazard: Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage the Lowest Unit on the row by 2. Neutral Bronze Multiple Special Disloyal
Black Infantry ArbalestDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 3. If you have any Soldiers in your Hand, Damage it by 5 instead. Nilfgaard Bronze 6 Multiple Soldier Loyal
Blue Mountain CommandoWhenever this Unit is moved, Boost it by 2. Deploy: Play all copies of this Unit from your Deck on the row. Scoia'tael Bronze 3 Multiple Elf, Soldier Loyal
Blue Stripes ScoutDeploy: Boost this Unit and all Bronze Loyal Temerian Units with the same Power in your Hand, Deck and on your side of the Board by 1. Crewmen 1. Northern Realms Bronze 3 Multiple Soldier, Temeria Loyal
Celaeno HarpyDeploy: Spawn 2 Harpy Eggs to the left. Monsters Bronze 5 Multiple Beast Loyal
Clan An Craite WarcrierDeploy: Boost 2 Damaged Allies by half their Power (rounding down). Skellige Bronze 6 Multiple An Craite, Soldier Loyal
Clan An Craite WarriorDeploy: Damage self by 1. Skellige Bronze 11 Multiple An Craite, Soldier Loyal
Clan Brokvar ArcherDeploy: Damage 3 Units by 1. Skellige Bronze 8 Multiple Brokvar, Soldier Loyal
Clan Dimun PirateDeploy: Discard all copies of this Unit from your Deck. Skellige Bronze 9 Multiple Dimun, Soldier Loyal
Clan Heymaey SkaldDeploy: Boost 3 Allies by 2. Skellige Bronze 5 Multiple Support Loyal
Clan Tordarroch ArmorsmithDeploy: Heal 2 Allies and give them 3 Armor. Skellige Bronze 7 Multiple Support Loyal
Clan Tordarroch ShieldsmithDeploy: Strengthen an Ally by 2 and give it 2 Armor. Skellige Bronze 7 Multiple Support Loyal
Clan Tuirseach SkirmishersVeteran 1. Whenever this Unit leaves the Graveyard, Strengthen it by 3. Skellige Bronze 7 Melee Soldier, Tuirseach Loyal
Commando NeophyteWhenever you draw a card to your Hand, Damage a random Enemy by 2. Scoia'tael Bronze 7 Multiple Elf, Soldier Loyal
Dol Blathanna ArcherDeploy: Damage Enemies by 3 and then 1. Scoia'tael Bronze 6 Multiple Elf, Soldier Loyal