Epic Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AbayaDeploy: Spawn Torrential Rain, Clear Skies or Arachas Venom. Monsters Silver 3 Siege Necrophage Loyal
AelirennWhen you have 5 or more Elf Allies, play this Unit from your Deck. Scoia'tael Silver 6 Ranged Elf, Officer Loyal
AeromancyPlay a Bronze or Silver Weather card from your Deck. Shuffle the others back. Neutral Silver Event Special, Spell
AlbrichDeploy: If neither player has passed, each player draws the top card from their Deck. Your opponent's card is Revealed. Nilfgaard Silver 9 Siege Mage Loyal
Alzur's Double CrossBoost the Highest Bronze or Silver Unit in your Deck by 2 and play it. Neutral Silver Event Special, Spell
Artefact CompressionTransform a Bronze or Silver Unit into a Jade Figurine. Neutral Silver Event Special, Spell
Assire Var AnahidDeploy: Shuffle up to 2 Bronze or Silver cards from either Graveyard into that player's Deck. Nilfgaard Silver 10 Siege Mage Loyal
AuckesDeploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If Enemies, Damage them by 1 as well. Nilfgaard Silver 5 Multiple Witcher Loyal
Barclay ElsDeploy: Play a random Bronze or Silver Dwarf from your Deck and Strengthen it by 3. Scoia'tael Silver 2 Siege Dwarf, Officer Loyal
Bekker's Twisted MirrorDamage the Highest Unit by an amount equal to its Power, but no more than 10 (ignoring Armor) and Boost the Lowest other Unit by the same amount. Neutral Silver Event Special, Spell
Blueboy LugosDeploy: Spawn a Spectral Whale on a random opposing row. Skellige Silver 8 Melee Drummond, Soldier Loyal
BotchlingDeploy: Boost all Lubberkins in your Hand and Deck by 6. Deathwish: Play a Lubberkin from your Deck. Northern Realms Silver 6 Melee Cursed Loyal
BraennDeploy: Damage an Enemy by this Unit's Power. Scoia'tael Silver 5 Multiple Loyal
CantarellaDoomed. Deploy: Draw the top card from your Deck. Keep it, or place it at the bottom of your Deck and draw the new top card. Nilfgaard Silver 11 Multiple Agent, Doomed Disloyal
CeallachDeploy: Spawn an Ambassador, Assassin or Emissary. Nilfgaard Silver 2 Ranged Officer Loyal
Champion of ChampionsEvery turn, at the start of your turn, Strengthen this Unit by 2 if it is the only Unit on the row. Deploy: Gain 4 Armor. Skellige Silver 5 Multiple Ogroid Loyal
CiaranDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock and move it to this row on its side. Scoia'tael Silver 9 Multiple Elf, Soldier Loyal
CleaverDeploy: Toggle a Unit's Lock. Neutral Silver 9 Multiple Dwarf Loyal
Commander's HornBoost 5 adjacent Units by 4. Neutral Silver Event Special, Tactic
Crone: BrewessDeploy: Play Whispess and Weavess from your Deck. Monsters Silver 8 Siege Mage, Relict Loyal
Crone: WeavessDeploy: Play Brewess and Whispess from your Deck. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Mage, Relict Loyal
Crone: WhispessDeploy: Play Brewess and Weavess from your Deck. Monsters Silver 6 Siege Mage, Relict Loyal
CynthiaDeploy: Reveal the Highest Unit in your opponent's Hand and Boost self by its Power. Nilfgaard Silver 5 Multiple Mage Loyal
Cyprian WileyDeploy: Weaken a Unit by 3 or Destroy a face-down Ambush Unit. Neutral Silver 8 Siege Redania Loyal