Relentless Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
AglaisResurrect a non-Gold Special Card from your graveyard. Scoia'tael Gold 5 Siege Dryad, Relentless Loyal
Elven MercenaryPlay a random non-Gold Special Card from your deck. Scoia'tael Bronze 4 Melee Elf, Relentless Loyal
JohnnyBanish a card in your hand and create in its place a base copy of another card of the same color randomly chosen from both players' cards (all locations, excluding Johnny). Banish when moved to the graveyard. Neutral Silver 6 Siege Fleeting, Relentless Loyal
OperatorChoose a non-Gold unit in your hand (other than the Operator). Create an exact copy in both players' hands. Banish when moved to the graveyard. Neutral Silver 8 Ranged Fleeting, Mage, Relentless Loyal
RegisWhen removed from the battlefield, transform into Regis: Higher Vampire and play. Neutral Gold 6 Melee Relentless, Vampire Loyal
Triss: Butterfly SpellAdd 2 to all non-Gold units in your hand. Northern Realms Gold 6 Ranged Mage, Relentless Loyal