Wild Hunt Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
CaranthirDeploy: Move 3 Enemies to this Unit's row on your opponent's side and apply Frost to that row on that side only. Monsters Gold 9 Multiple Mage, Wild Hunt Loyal
Ge'elsDeploy: Draw the top Gold card and top Silver card from your Deck. Play one and return the other to the top of your Deck. Monsters Gold 2 Multiple Wild Hunt Loyal
ImlerithDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 4. If the Enemy is under Frost, Damage it by 8 instead. Monsters Gold 8 Multiple Wild Hunt Loyal
NithralFrost Damage on your opponent's side is increased to 3. Monsters Silver 7 Multiple Wild Hunt Loyal
Wild Hunt HoundDeploy: Play a Biting Frost card from your Deck. Monsters Bronze 4 Melee Wild Hunt Loyal
Wild Hunt NavigatorDeploy: Choose a different Bronze Wild Hunt Ally. Play a copy of it from your Deck. Monsters Bronze 3 Siege Wild Hunt Loyal
Wild Hunt RiderAt the end of the Round, keep this Unit on the Board if you lost. If this Unit is part of a Trio at the end of your turn, Boost it by 1. Monsters Bronze 6 Multiple Wild Hunt Loyal
Wild Hunt WarriorDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 3. If it was Destroyed, Boost self by 2. Monsters Bronze 5 Melee Wild Hunt Loyal