Gwent Card Picker Helper

One of the unique aspects of Gwent is after receiving your first four cards in a Keg, you get a chance to choose one of three cards. This can be a tough choice, especially when the card is Legendary and you are on a budget. That is where this tool was born, Gwentify has teamed up with Gwentlemen to create a tool that will help you make the best decision based on Gwentlemen’s card rankings and user ratings. We’ve also included popular recent decks from each card to help you make your decision.

Thanks to Gwentlemen for teaming up with Gwentify on the creation of this tool!

The Gwentlemen ratings and descriptions are now up-to-date!

Help Improve the Card Picker Tool!

If you would like to help improve the tool and have a solid grasp on the game, please consider going through the Legendary Card List and rating each card! We could also always use more of the latest decks added to the site, so be sure to check out our Gwent Deck Builder.

Add Your Card Options

We are currently only featuring Legendary cards at the moment, but if this tool becomes popular we will add Epic cards as well!