Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Adrenaline RushToggle the Resilience of a non-Gold unit on the battlefield. A Resilient unit stays on the battlefield for the next round. Neutral Bronze Event Special
AelirennPlay immediately from your deck whenever there are 5 or more revealed Elf units on your side. Scoia'tael Silver 6 Ranged Elf Loyal
AeromancySpawn a Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog or Torrential Rain card, then banish self. Neutral Silver Event Fleeting, Special
AglaisResurrect a non-Gold Special Card from your graveyard. Scoia'tael Gold 5 Siege Dryad, Relentless Loyal
Alba PikemanGain Weather Immunity. Nilfgaard Bronze 7 Melee Loyal
Alba SpearmenGain a Shield. Shields protect from one strength-removing effect (but not from strength-resetting or swapping effects). Nilfgaard Bronze 7 Ranged Loyal
AlbrichIf your opponent has not passed, draw a card, then your opponent draws a card and reveals it. Nilfgaard Silver 9 Siege Mage Loyal
AlchemistReveal a random card in your opponent's hand. Nilfgaard Bronze 7 Ranged Mage Loyal
Alzur's Double CrossAdd 3 strength to the strongest non-Gold unit in your deck and play it. Ties are resolved randomly. Neutral Silver Event Special
Alzur's ThunderRemove 7 strength from a non-Gold unit. Neutral Bronze Event Special
AmbassadorAdd 12 strength to a random non-Gold unit on your side of the battlefield. Nilfgaard Bronze 2 Melee Disloyal
Ancient FogletGain Weather Immunity. Gain 1 strength at the start of your turn if on a row affected by Fog. Monsters Bronze 5 Ranged Loyal
ArachasPlay all Arachasae from your deck. Monsters Bronze 3 Ranged Breedable Loyal
Arachas BehemothSpawn an Arachas whenever a Devourer on your side absorbs strength. Monsters Bronze 6 Siege Loyal
ArchgriffinRemove Weather from its row. Monsters Bronze 6 Multiple Loyal
AssassinationLock and destroy an opposing non-Gold unit. Locked units lose all tokens and have no ability until replayed or moved to a hand. Nilfgaard Gold Event Special
Assire Var AnahidChoose up to 2 cards in your opponent's graveyard and randomly place them in your opponent's deck. For each card chosen, lose 1 strength. Nilfgaard Silver 10 Siege Mage Loyal
AuckesLock or unlock a non-Gold unit on the battlefield. Locked units lose all tokens and have no ability until replayed or moved to a hand. Nilfgaard Silver 8 Ranged Witcher Loyal
Avallac'hDraw 2 cards. The opposing player draws 1 card. Monsters Gold 8 Siege Disloyal
BallistaRemove 3 strength from an opposing non-Gold unit. Northern Realms Bronze 5 Siege Machine Loyal
Barclay ElsAdd 1 strength to all your other non-Gold Dwarf units, wherever they are. Scoia'tael Silver 8 Siege Dwarf Loyal
Bekker's Twisted MirrorSwap the strength of the strongest and the weakest unit on the battlefield. Ties are resolved randomly. Neutral Gold Event Special
Berserker MarauderWhen moved to the graveyard, transform into a Bear. Skellige Bronze 7 Melee Shapeshifter Loyal
Birna BranDraw 2 cards. Keep 1 and discard the rest. Skellige Gold 10 Ranged Disloyal