Gwent Cards List







Name Faction Group Strength Position Type Loyalty
Adrenaline RushToggle the Resilience of a non-Gold unit on the battlefield. A Resilient unit stays on the battlefield for the next round. Neutral Bronze Event Special
AelirennPlay immediately from your deck whenever there are 5 or more revealed Elf units on your side. Scoia'tael Silver 6 Multiple Elf Loyal
AeromancySpawn a Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog or Torrential Rain card, then banish self. Neutral Silver Event Fleeting, Special
AglaisResurrect a non-Gold Special Card from your graveyard. Scoia'tael Gold 5 Multiple Dryad, Relentless Loyal
Alba PikemanImmune to Weather. Nilfgaard Bronze 7 Melee Loyal
Alba SpearmenGive this unit a shield. The shield protects its bearer from one strength-removing effect. Nilfgaard Bronze 7 Ranged Loyal
AlbrichIf possible, draw a card, then your opponent draws a card and reveals it. Nilfgaard Silver 9 Siege Mage Loyal
AlchemistReveal a random card in your opponent's hand. Nilfgaard Bronze 7 Ranged Mage Loyal
Alzur's Double CrossPlay the strongest non-Gold unit from your deck (ties are resolved randomly) and add 3 to its strength. Neutral Silver Event Special
Alzur's ThunderRemove 7 strength from a non-Gold unit. Neutral Bronze Event Special
AmbassadorAdd 12 strength to a random non-Gold unit on your side of the battlefield. Nilfgaard Bronze 2 Melee Disloyal
Ancient FogletImmune to Weather. Gain 1 strength at the start of your turn if on a row affected by Fog. Monsters Bronze 6 Ranged Loyal
ArachasPlay all Arachasae from your deck. Monsters Bronze 3 Ranged Breedable Loyal
Arachas BehemothSpawn an Arachas whenever a unit on your side absorbs strength. Monsters Bronze 6 Siege Loyal
ArchgriffinRemove Weather from its row. Monsters Bronze 6 Multiple Loyal
AssassinationDestroy an opposing non-Gold unit. Remove an amount equal to that unit's strength from a random non-Gold unit on your side. Nilfgaard Gold Event Special
Assire Var AnahidChoose up to 2 cards in your opponent's graveyard and randomly place them in your opponent's deck. For each card chosen, lose 1 strength. Nilfgaard Silver 10 Siege Mage Loyal
AuckesLock a non-Gold unit on the battlefield. A locked unit loses all tokens (Resilience, Quen, etc.) and its ability does not trigger while it remains on the battlefield. Nilfgaard Silver 7 Ranged Witcher Loyal
Avallac'hDraw 2 cards. The opposing player draws 1 card. Monsters Gold 6 Siege Disloyal
BallistaRemove 3 strength from an opposing non-Gold unit. Northern Realms Bronze 5 Siege Machine Loyal
Ban Ard Adept Northern Realms Bronze 2 Siege
Barclay ElsAdd 1 strength to all your other Dwarf units, wherever they are. Scoia'tael Silver 8 Siege Dwarf Loyal
BearGain 2 strength for each weakened unit on the battlefield. Skellige Bronze 4 Melee
Bekker's Twisted MirrorSwap the strength of the strongest and the weakest unit on the battlefield. Ties are resolved randomly. Neutral Gold Event Special