Card Text

Deploy: Spawn Lord of Undvik on the leftmost side of the opposite row.

Whenever an Enemy Lord of Undvik is Destroyed, Boost self by 10.


Instead of mournin' the fallen, let's drink to their memory!

Crafting/Milling Costs

  • Craft: 800/1600 (Premium)
  • Mill: 200/200 (Premium)


  • Boost: Increase a Unit's current Power.
  • Deploy: Trigger this ability when the card is placed on the Board.
  • Destroy: Move the card to the Graveyard.
  • Enemy: A Unit on your opponent's side of the Board.
  • Spawn: Add the card to the game and play it.

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Lord of UndvikNo ability.
Position: Multiple - Type: Ogroid - Strength: 5
No ability.

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