Card Text

Deploy: Damage an Enemy by 4. If the Enemy is under a Frost Hazard, Damage it by 8 instead.


Ladd nahw! Kill them! Litter the earth with their entrails!

Crafting/Milling Costs

  • Craft: 800/1600 (Premium)
  • Mill: 200/200 (Premium)


  • Damage: Decrease a Unit's current Power.
  • Deploy: Trigger this ability when the card is placed on the Board.
  • Enemy: A Unit on your opponent's side of the Board.

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Rating: 3.9. From 142 votes.
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One thought on “Imlerith

  1. Sodomitor
    June 18, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Solid body, good damage, but overall lacking comparing to other golds. Starting card, but can be with you till 2000 rating.


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