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All Currently Revealed Cards – Theorycraft in Our Deck Builder!

I’ve added all of the currently revealed cards from the upcoming patch to our Gwent Card Database! What this means is you can now add them to decks and begin to theorycraft builds for the next patch.

Theorycraft via our Gwent Deck Builder!

Currently Revealed Cards

Update (12-18-2016 12:23pm PST): Added Ciri: DashWhen this Unit enters the Graveyard, Strengthen it by 3 and shuffle it back into your Deck. and Alzur's Double CrossBoost the Highest Bronze or Silver Unit from your Deck by 2 and play it..

Update (12-18-2016 8:20am PST): Bekker's Twisted MirrorDamage the Highest Unit by an amount equal to its Power, but no more than 10 (ignoring Armor) and Boost the Lowest other Unit by the same amount. added to the list!

I had to kind of piecemeal together some of the cards so the art isn’t full in some cases! Some of the rarities might be incorrect.

More New Cards: Keira Metz & King of Beggars

A couple more new cards have been revealed, which should be coming in the next Closed Beta patch. Keira Metz and the King of Beggars! These cards were revealed via Zagrajmy z Gimperem’s YouTube.


Two more new cards were revealed: Quen Sign and Katakan! The cards were revealed via a Russian Stream and credit to /u/ifhbr0 on Reddit for the translations/images.


Every 3 turns, banish a random non-gold unit in your graveyard and absorb its strength.

Quen Sign

Give all instances of a non-gold unit on your side a shield. The shield protects its bearer from one strength-removing effect.

Keira Metz

Protects all non-Gold units in a selected row from any damaging special cards.

King of Beggars

Play weakest card from your deck (draws are solved randomly).

New Cards Revealed: Mardroeme, Iris Von Everec, Malene, Champion of Champions

Some new cards have been revealed today. Two were revealed via Polish YouTuber Ojciec Dwójki Dzieci, and two via the Commander’s Horn Podcast. The translations for Iris Von Everc and Mardroeme seem slightly off, I’m looking into getting official word on those.

Iris Von Everec

If destroyed increase strength of all units on the opposite side by 3.


Create one of the two cards – Mutagen: Increase base strength of unit on your side (excluding gold ones) by 4. -Spores: Decrease base strength of unit on your opponents side (excluding golds) by 4.


Remove 1 strength from a random opposing non-gold unit whenever a revealed Elf unit appears on your side.

Champion of Champions

Gain 2 strength at the start of your turn if it’s the sole unit on its row.

Gwent Stress Test Live – Card List from Available Decks (Monsters, Northern Realms)

The Gwent Stress Test is live and they’ve just announced that we’re allowed to talk about the game and share information from it. So, I thought it would be a good idea to grab the cards from the updated game and share them with you here. Some of these cards have been seen before, but some are new and a lot have new text. Be sure to check them out below!

Gwent “Kill the Servers” Stress Test Cards


Monsters Deck

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Gwent – The Witcher Card Game Card List! (Currently Known Cards)

Here’s a current list of revealed cards from the upcoming Gwent – The Witcher Card Game. I’ll be adding more cards as they are revealed and come available!

We’ve learned some things early in the release process, one is that the Spy mechanic has been significantly changed from the Witcher 3 version of the card. Spy was one of the major ways to gain extreme card advantage with very little downside. The Spy Mechanic now reads as follows (at least in Dijkstra’s case), “When Played: Draw 2 cards from your Deck, one face up and one face down. Pick one card and put it in your Hand. Return the other to your Deck.” Spy cards used to read, “Place on your opponent’s battlefield (counts towards your opponent’s total) and draw 2 cards from your deck.” As you can see, that was pretty insane and lead to players being able to basically draw through your deck.

Currently Known Cards From Gwent – The Witcher Card Game

This post is getting a bit heavy, so check out all of the cards we have in our Gwent Card Database!