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Cheap Gwent Budget Decks for Open Beta!

Even though CDPR did a much better job with the starter decks than in Closed Beta (because they start with 4 Golds and 6 Silvers each), they’re still far from perfect. I’ll try to build a new, budget deck for each of the factions that should be a significant upgrade over the basic decks. They’re still, sadly, much worse than a full meta decks, but they should be good enough to farm the kegs with.

Here are the rules I was following when building each of the budget decks:

  • Only starting Gold cards. Every Gold card is now Legendary, so it might be hard for players who didn’t open a lot of kegs to craft them so early. The starter Golds are rarely optimal for the deck and should be switched out as soon as possible once you get better options. I’ll give the list of high priority crafts for the deck.
  • Only the most important Silver cards outside of the starting ones. Every Silver is now Epic, so they cost 4 times less than Golds. Silvers have a higher crafting priority than Golds now, as you can get 4 Silvers for just 1 Gold. Each of the decks has some Silver cards that are simply necessary and not including them would be really bad for the deck. I’ve tried my best to not add too many of them and stick to max 2 or 3 extra Silvers per deck.
  • No limits on the Bronze cards. Bronze cards are backbone of every deck. And the starting options are pretty… limited. It’s easiest to get a solid Bronze collection through Keg openings (even after ~50 Kegs you should have majority of the necessary Bronzes). Also, since Commons are only 30 to Craft and Rares only 80, you should be able to craft some of the ones you’re missing.
  • No limits on the Leader cards. You can get every Leader card through the free Challenges, not to mention that you’re getting quite a lot of Ore in the process (750 in total – 7.5 kegs!) which can boost your collection by a bit.

If the builds are still too expensive, e.g. you’ve just opened your first Kegs and have no resources from the Closed Beta, I’m afraid that you will have to use the starter decks until you get some more cards. They aren’t perfect, but should easily be good enough to get you to Tier I rewards if you play every day (maybe even Tier II if you grind more).

Budget Decks for Gwent Open Beta

This is a pretty basic Weather deck. The deck gets significantly stronger if you can put Gold Weather cards into it – you first bait Clear Skies with your Bronze weather cards and then drop a big Gold weather and either force your opponent to pass or get a lot of value over time. But even as a budget list it’s still quite strong. Most of the decks run only 1 or 2 ways to clear the weather, so if you play the game right and bait them early, you can then snowball the game very easily. If you bait all the Clear Skies early, you can then cover the whole board in weather and watch your opponent’s strength shrink.

The basic strategy is to first play units that grow under weather like Ancient FogletIf a Fog Hazard is anywhere on the Board at the start of your turn, Boost self by 1. or Ice GiantIf a Frost Hazard is anywhere on the Board, Boost self by 6.. You want your opponent to commit to one row first so you know which one you can weather. If you know that your opponent’s deck plays heavily into one row, you can weather it first, but against decks with a lot of flexible units that might be a waste. Anyway, once your opponent plays something on a row, play the weather there. Biting FrostApply a Frost Hazard to an opposing row. Frost Hazard: Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage the Lowest Unit on the row by 2. is generally better against multiple units and Impenetrable FogApply a Fog Hazard to an opposing row. Fog Hazard: Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage the Highest Unit on the row by 2. is better against a single unit.

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Gwent Closed Beta Starter Decks

Closed Beta has just released, so here’s a look at the decks you can try straight out of the box! They are mostly basic cards, but each deck gives you a sense of what you can do with each faction. Check them out below!

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