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Gwent Public Beta Live Stream – Notes, Changes

CPDR held a live stream that previewed some of the upcoming changes that will be in the next patch. I’ve listed some of the more major ones below. You can watch the VOD here.

General Notes

  • The next patch is coming “soon”.
  • Cards which received a nerf when a patch hits will give you full scraps back if you mill them.
  • Common and Rare cards can be milled for 100% more scraps.
  • If you bought Kegs before you will get some additional scraps when the patch hits.
  • You will no longer be able to get Leaders from Kegs and leveling up. You can only get them from Challenges and crafting with Scraps.
  • They are refunding Meteorite Powder if you lost it in the Challenge.
  • Dagon and King Bran challenge has been fixed for Consoles.

The majority of the card changes were stat based, you can check them out in this Reddit post.

Upcoming Positioning Changes, Card Updates, Avatars, and Emotes in the Future Patch

Here’s a roundup of changes coming to Gwent in the near future that were displayed on the Gwent live stream today (VOD Link)! The big change will be the ability to position cards on the board rather than they just being added automatically. We’ll also be getting Avatars, Emotes, and a newly textured game board with more information (graveyard and deck count). They also confirmed that they won’t be introducing any new cards in the next patch.

I think I got the majority of the changes, apologies if I missed any!

New Game Emote Wheel
Emote: Praise
Updated Gameboard w/Avatars
New Card History Window

A big list of Position and Balance Changes are after the jump! 

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Gwent Technical Update – Player Levels to be Set to 10!

The Gwent Beta Patch might be launching a bit sooner than expected! There will be a scheduled maintenance on the game that will have some server downtime. If your player level is above 10 it will be brought down to 10, if not, you will experience no change. This is to usher in the newly revamped XP and reward system, as well as the new Ranked Mode!

We are performing a scheduled maintenance of GWENT’s servers. During the server downtime, we will deploy the newest update including Ranked Mode as well as revamped XP and reward systems. As a consequence of the changes the update introduces, your player level will be set to 10 (if you were below that level, nothing will be changed). The maintenance should conclude at 3PM CET.