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Official Gwent Gamescom Tournament Coming in August!

An official Gwent tournament is coming to Gamescom August 25th!

We would like to invite all gamers to gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany, where an official GWENT: The Witcher Card Game tournament will be taking place.

The gamescom tournament will be a 2-day event starting August 25th, with the final match set for August 26th. It will be held at the GWENT booth in the Entertainment Area (hall 8, stand B021), where all throughout gamescom we will be presenting new content coming to the game.

Signups for the tournament and more information are both available here.

A total of 8 players will compete for a piece of the $25,000 prize pool. 7 will be the top players among those who signed up to participate in the tournament, determined by their ranking on August 1st, 4PM CEST. The 8th player will be decided the winner of an additional Wild Card Qualifiers event held on August 24th, prior to the main event, at the GWENT booth.


The Passiflora Championship June 2017 – Top 8 Deck Lists

The Passiflora Championships is a tournament that takes place each month, and they were kind enough to share the top-8 finishing deck lists for June!

Check out all the deck lists and stats below.

Tournament Information

The June Passiflora Championship for Gwent has arrived! This is a monthly ran tournament with prizes to win! Players will be given a chance to enter an open Double-elim bracket, but only 8 will receive championship points, and 3 will win Meteorite Powder!

Full Rules

If you want to participate in the next Passiflora Championship, join their Discord channel!

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The Seven Cats Brawl #1 – Hosted by the Gwent Subreddit!

There’s an upcoming tournament called “The Seven Cats Brawl” that will be hosted by the Gwent Subreddit!

Check out the prizes, schedule, and rules below.


Prizes were funded by CD Projekt Red and Vistula Eagles

  • 1st: Official Gwent Mystery Bag + $50
  • 2nd: Official Gwent Mystery Bag
  • 3rd: Official Gwent Mystery Bag


  • The tournament will be starting on Saturday 11th March at 18:00 CET
  • Every Participant must check in 1 hour before the start of the Tournament.
  • Ready – Up time is 15 minutes (after 15 minutes of absence of oponent game is over)

Tournament Rules


Standard Format

  • 2 Decks
  • Deck must be legal within a game – minimum 25 cards, max 6 silver, max 4 gold etc.
  • Sideboard allowed:
    • Up to 7 cards can be from your faction.
    • Up to 2 cards can be Neutral.
  • Each Deck must be a different faction.

Double Elimination

Tournament is a double elimination bracket with 128 players allowed

  • Upper bracket is Best of 3
  • Lower bracket is Best of 1, except for LB finals which are Best of 3
  • In Bo3 you must win once with each of your two decks, which means, after winning game one, winning player has to switch to second deck.
  • In Bo1 games players ban one deck from eachother.
  • Players are allowed to use their sideboard cards between matches and between games.


Bo3-Players pick their decks one-by-one. Player with higher seed in bracket starts picking. No Bans

Bo1-Players pick their decks one-by-one. Player with higher seed in bracket starts picking. Then Players ban one opposing deck simultaneously.


  • Players must be in the Seven Cats Brawl Discord ( channel for the duration of the tournament
  • Players must check in and make their ban each match within 15 minutes or risk disqualification on the match page


  • Players have to send decklist to admins 24 hours before tournament starts.
  • Please send screenshots of a deck and a sideboard (one screenshot of a deck, one screenshot of a sideboard).
  • [email protected] – title: your name “Brawl #1 Deck”


  • The player who disconnects and is unable to reconnect will be given a loss unless players decid otherwise.

Score Reporting

  • Players should save screenshots of victory screens in case of disputes
  • The winner of the game should report the score on the match page
  • If you have a dispute, please contact the administrator immediately in the support chat with screenshot proof

Tournament admin decisions are final regarding disputes

Players can report their own score.

The Gwentlemen’s Invitational Top-8 Deck Lists

The Gwentlemen’s Invitational is/will be coming to a close today, and they’ve been kind enough to share the decks from the top-8 finishers in the tournament!

This is the first tournament I’m covering on the site, so please bear with me as I work out the kinks and figure out the best way to display pertinent information. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to get it implemented! I’m also working on fixing a few bugs in the card database.

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