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Hey Guys,

i love playing monsters since closed Beta and currently consuming seems to be not good enough to climb up high in ranking.

I just want to share my deck with you.



we want to push our Cockatrice with Deathwish Cards. They can easily get up to 27 with Harpiye (1 Card/2 Deathwish Eggs) Archespore & Yennefer (1-4 Damage every round to enemys) and obviously Nekker.


Round 1:

  • Ge’els
  • Toad
  • Frightener

be sure that you have one of them in your starting hand. Call Ge’els if you havent the other both and save 1 gold card for the next round. Every gold Card is a good choice. Gravekeeper can bringt frightener back, Yennefer punish the enemy and Drought aswell.


Round 2:

  • Archespore
  • Harpiye
  • Cockatrice

You may play Archespore/Yennefer at first. Call all your Harpiyes you’ve got and surprise your opponent with 1-3 cockatrice. If he/she passed early, save your archespore with resilance. If Round 2 goes on, we can celebrate our win. Push Unseed Elder at the end of the round with all Cockatrice and give him resilance. You may have 1 Nekker left. The pervect way is to card over the opponent so that you can be sure he/she dont use Scorch or anything.


Round 3:

Matters how many cards left. If you have a nice Nekker/Elder/Archespore Force this game should be yours.



General: Other Cards


Abaya: use it wisely. You can clear your field from weather or hit enemy’s in final round. Especially against Skellige & NR in case of cast Arachas Venom. Its a max 15 Point Gain. So Abaya stays in every monster deck.

Dorregay: still love this Card. You can move with drowner (max 15 Point Gain) or use Ekimmara to keep Points 4 next Round. Ekimmara should be also used on Oppponents Spys on our Side of the Battlefield.

Monster Nest: very flexible. First of all -> 3 Point Push to the summoning Unit. Very Good for Final Round !

  1.  Drowner: already explained
  2.  Ghoul: Consume a Unit (Graveyard Control) -> Push Nekker
  3.  Rotfiend: Deathwish Unit -> Push Cockatrice -> If consumed by Dorregays Ekimmara or Unseen Elder, damage opposite Row for 2 Points at every Unit.

Morvudd: for the block and toggle other units abilitys.



Please feel free to play this Deck in a unranked Match to test and give me Feedback. Lets Reborn Consumers together ! Have a nice Weekend 😉

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