4k Dashgaard (with detailed guide)


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This is the deck I used to climb from 3.4k to 4k elo.  I want to give a shout out to Yourself013 who helped me understand how this deck works.  This list is a slight modification of the deck he used to climb to 4k.  

Below you will find a detailed guide.  I will try to do my best to describe the roles of each card in this deck, general game play strategy, mulligans, match ups, techs, tips and tricks, and some unique scenarios you might run into.  


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Lacerate (tech) – A common tech on this patch for help dealing with Monsters.  This deck doesn’t have many terrible match ups other than some Monster match ups.  Most techs we will be using will be addressing Monsters.  

Nauzicaa Standard Bearer (tech) – With Vanhemmar in the deck list I believe only one standard bearer is necessary.  Use at will in all match ups besides Swarm Monsters or Weather Monsters.  In those match ups we will need to be VERY selective in how we use Vanhemmar and Standard Bearer as they are all the weather clear we are running.

Golems (core) – Pretty obvious high temp round 1 play and a major part of our deck thinning.  These are our first priority priority mulligans.  Get these out of your hand.

Alba Pikemen (core) – Most typically T1 play, in certain situations a strong round 3 play with some Assire shennanigans.  Low tempo but also a major deck thinning tool.  We are looking for exactly one of these in our opening hand.  I will go into more depth on how we plan to use these in the strategy section.

Daerlan Foot Soldiers & Alchemist (core) – Another one of our deck thinning tools.  This combo offers high tempo and deck thinning that will be very important in our first two rounds (and sometimes our third depending on how the match plays out).  We have to be very careful about using this combo before we have thinned golems, pikemen, and Roach out of our deck.  You will almost never use this combo before Calveit.  After we have used Calveit we know if it is safe or not to use this combo as we know what the next two bronze or silvers are in deck.  We want as many Foot Soldiers in our opening hand as possible.  Remember that Alchemists in hand without Foot Soldiers are basically dead cards.  We only want Alchemists in hand if we have an easy way to fish for Foot Soldiers without playing them.  Never play Foot Soldiers with Calveit, rather we will scout out Foot Solders with Calveit and then draw them with Cantarella or Avallac’h.

Nilfguaardian Knight (optional) – Feel free to replace this card with appropriate techs, however, I have seen Knight to be a very useful card.  Strong 10 point body that can be used to reveal a Foot Soldier if we do not have any Alchemists in hand.  This 14 point swing can flat out win rounds and also keep rounds going when you are running out of value in a round.  Remember that if we plan to reveal a Foot Soldier with Knight we can give ourselves better chances of that happening by playing as many other cards in our hand as possible before doing so (that doesn’t mean to play Tibor in R2 just to have better odds of hitting a Foot Soldier with Knight.  Use common sense).

Petyr (optional) – Very strong card in this meta.  Against Monsters save for round 3, in most other match ups it is safe to use to win a round.

Auckes (optional) – Can be used to unlock our pikemen.  Very strong in R1 against monsters and Dorfs.  I have had some trouble finding value at 4k+ and am considering a test run with Albrich for Auckes.

Roach (optional) – Strong R1 tempo play and a part of our finisher in R3 with Assire.

Vanhemmar (tech) – Teched in to help deal with Monsters.  We simply will not win against swarm and weather Monsters without Vanhemmar.  Yourself013’s original list had Albrich over Vanhemmar who he eventually chose to sub in to help deal with monsters.

Cantarella (core) – Very important card that will help us maintain CA which will be very important considering we are playing Tibor in R3.  Also helps us fish for what we need and one of our deck thinning tools.  Ideally played in R2 after winning R1.  If pulled by Calveit and there aren’t any better options (two Foot Soldiers for example) go ahead and play the Cantarella.  We still have enough R1 power to win and our villain is less likely to hard pass on turn 2 after a Cantarella play than he is late in R1.  If playing later in round 1 don’t let it be obvious that you are conceding the round.  Keep in mind that in order to get max value our to Cantarella the villain needs to play a card after you’ve played Cantarella.  Also, make sure you have a way to easily win the round if villain hard passes after a Cantarella play.

Assire (core) – Aside from being a strong 10 pt body, Assire is a big part of our R3.  Most of the time she will be used in R3 to add Roach back in the deck.  If we end up with a Pikeman in our hand in R3 we can add the two pikemen in our graveyard back to the deck (this is a lost cause against Radovid).  Also, if we still have a thinning tool in our hand R3 and no cards in our deck after drawing Ciri:Dash we can add a tech card that we might need (Petyr, Vanhemmar) or a Nilfguardian Knight for some raw power.  Also we can add some dead cards back into Villains deck in hopes that they will get a bad draw when we drop Tibor.  

Avallac’h (core) – Major deck thinning tool playable in R1 after Calveit.  Be careful using this card as we do not want to draw Pikemen.  Use after Calveit so we know which two cards we are going to draw.  If Calveit reveals Pikemen stall until all three have been pulled out unless a Pikeman gets destroyed or locked.  Then use Avallac’h to keep the Piketrain going.

Vilgefortz (optional) – Great for fishing for the needed cards but, again, be careful.  Make sure that it is not possible to draw Foot Soldiers, Assire, or Golems.  In some match ups can be used offensively in R3 to destroy a big body.  Against thinning decks sometimes we are able to use offensively for free if they don’t have anything left in their deck.  Can be replaced with G:Igni or Villentretenmerth.

Tibor Eggebracht (core) – Self explanatory part of our finisher.  Use as late as possible to minimize the villain’s options with card draw.

Ciri: Dash (core) – Large part of early R1 tempo, thins Roach out, extends the R2 bleed, and 15 point body in our finisher.  We want this card in our hand every round.  When thinking about possible draws and mulligans for the next round do not forget to consider that Ciri: Dash is going back into our deck.  This is particularly important in R3.

General Gameplay Strategy

Round 1:

Mulligan away Golems, Roach, and excess Pikemen.  We will mulligan away Tibor if we can afford to as well.  The ideal opening hand will include exactly one Pikeman, Ciri: Dash, an equal number of Alchemists and Foot Soldiers, Avallac’h, and whichever techs are appropriate.  Our plan in R1 is to thin our deck as much as possible while aggressively trying to win the round.  The first three turns should ideally be played as followed (although you may need to play a tech card such as Auckes to unlock a Pikeman or Standard Bearer): T1, Drop a pikeman in siege row.  T2, drop Ciri: Dash in melee row (procing Roach).  T3, Calveit (procing Golems).  What Calveit reveals will heavily determine your next few turns.  It takes 5 turns minimum to get the next two Pikemen thinned out of your deck.  Do not play Alchemist + Foot Soldier combo if Calveit reveals Pikeman until all of them have been thinned out.  If we are stuck with Alchemists in hand but no Foot Soldiers hopefully Calveit reveals Foot Soldiers and we have Avallac’h or Cantarella in hand.  We will not push the round if we are out of deck thinning tools and we cannot get good value out of our silvers.  At his point we will focus on card advantage and setting up the best possible R2.  If we lose R2 most of the time we will still have enough high tempo plays to keep the round short or continue deck thinning.  The only cards that are off limits in R1 are Tibor, Assire, and in certain situations some of our techs.  Be careful of playing all three Alchemists in one round as we will be exposed to a 28 point G:Igni.  During R1 play all mobile units in melee row to minimize G:Igni damage (seige row should have 15-19 str with Pikemen and possible Roach, ranged row will usually have 16 or more with at least two Alchemists plus Auckes or Roach.  

Round 2:  If we won R1 our goal in R2 is to continue to thin our deck as much as possible, gain CA, and bleed our villain out as much as possible.  Continue to thin deck when possible but do not play important techs.  Play Ciri: Dash and consider possible draws in R3 and how Assire will be used.  We will be playing Cantarella in R2 (preferably as late as possible) if we didn’t play her in R1.  If we lost R1 we must obviously do what we can to win this round.  Continue to prioritize high tempo methods of deck thinning such as the Alchemist Foot Soldier combo, Avallac’h, Knight + Foot Soldier, etc.  If things are looking bad we may have to play Assire.  If we have to resort to this we can add Roach back to the deck or if we still have a Pikeman floating around we can add the two dead Pikemen but be careful about drawing them.

Round 3:  If everything went perfect in the first two rounds the only card left to draw in R3 will be Ciri: Dash.  If this is the case we will play Assire T1 and add Roach back in.  If we have a Pikeman in hand and the other two are dead play the Pikeman T1, Assire to rez the other two on T2.  If we still have a way to draw or pull a card (Alchemist + Foot Soldier, Vilg, etc) we can try to add Roach + a valuable tech or Knight back to the deck.  Consider adding dead cards back to the villains deck we no thinning options are available.  Play Tibor as late as possible and save Petyr for last against Monsters.

EDIT: I am currently experimenting with a couple different gold packages.   I plan on making some updates this weekend.  Thank you for all the feedback.  Feel free to stop by the stream :)))

I plan on adding a section for match ups at some point in the future but for now this should be enough to get you going.  I can add some game play videos as well if there is demand for it.  Please feel free to leave questions or feedback below and I will address them.


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13 thoughts on “4k Dashgaard (with detailed guide)

  1. Sicsche
    July 21, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    Wow thanks for the great guide, Tried a similiar Dash:Millgard Deck but struggled with too many “no no” cards i don’t want to start with like Witchers.

  2. Gangstarji
    July 21, 2017 at 2:04 am

    What are your thoughts on bork in this deck? I see a fair amount of people who run it and some who don’t.

    • Detente7 - Author
      July 21, 2017 at 12:47 pm

      I prefer Vilge over Bork. Vilge is more flexible in that he can be what I need him to be. Sometimes we even get free offensive uses with Vilg against thinning decks. If you want to run Bork I recommend subbing out Assire as she can give Bork problems in R3.

  3. Eydok
    July 20, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    I think the Alchemist Foot Soldier combo is just a waste of value. I’d rather put in spies with impera brigade. More thinning, more value.

    • The Dandy Guy
      July 20, 2017 at 9:10 pm

      You kidding me? Together it’s 12 power in one bronze card while also letting you draw a card, as in it can be a bronze, silver, or Gold card that you’re drawing. Emissaries and Impera Brigades are more value but waaaaaay more vulnerable to ignis, scorches, resets, etc.

      • Eydok
        July 20, 2017 at 10:00 pm

        Ye I just relized the value. I’m still getting used to the dash deck 😀

  4. Adrian
    July 19, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Tried it for couple of days with limited success.
    I am especially vulnerable to queensguards and reaver hunters.
    Also, given there are so many ‘thinning’ cards is very easy to end up with a very bad initial hand (golems, multiple foot soldiers, roach, etc)

    • Detente7 - Author
      July 21, 2017 at 12:46 pm

      You really shouldn’t lose to QG even if you don’t use Assire to put QG back in deck. Reaver Hunters is a tough match up though. We have to win R1 with CA and we need to be running Igni.

  5. Vicomte99
    July 19, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Hi mate, first thanks for the guide and the list!

    I’ve been trying this archetype and I feel like 1 gold slot and 1 silver slot can be changed depending on the playstyle : Assire and Vilgefortz.

    Firstly I played the list with Scorch + Borkh (to counter high str creatures like reveal NG, NR reavers, etc…) and then tried with Letho + dbomb (to hard counter NR baron and trio decks, QG/Discard, Dwarfs).
    With both of these lists you can easily draw all of your deck.

    Honnestly, I didn’t play NG Ciri:Dash enough to make my mind so I ask you, what do you think about these possible changes? Have you already tried it and is Assire + Vilgefortz the best version in your opinion? I feel like Scorch is a must have in some decks because of the meta while Assire works very well with this archetype but can’t save your butt in some situations.

    Thanks !

    • Detente7 - Author
      July 21, 2017 at 12:49 pm

      I’m going to be experimenting with a Bork, Scorch, Letho/DBomb package this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. I’m starting to think that Assire is replaceable at 4k+.

      • Vicomte99
        July 24, 2017 at 6:38 am

        Thx for your answer.

        I played the deck a little more this week-end (bouncing between 3900 and 4000) to finally end up with something like : G:igni, Avallach, Ciri:D, Tibor and scorch + Assire as silver.

        Assire looks strong (10str) and is definitely fun to play with. But as you said, I don’t know if it’s worth a silver slot. 100% of the time I just put roach back in the deck and an opponent card to mess with him.

        I still don’t have Vilgefortz and really wonder about crafting him!

  6. Ozjohnd
    July 19, 2017 at 5:38 am

    Anyone who makes an effort to provide a detailed guide gets an auto +1 from me.


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