Best Wild Hunt/Weather Deck/Guide

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-- 4,030

This deck has been really fun to play with winning a good amount of games up to rank 10 so far.

(For an ideal game this is the best tactic I’ve found)

First round: Try to start of the first round with the Crone’s, Thunderbolt potion, Woodland Spirit & Ancient Foglet to get some decent numbers on the board.

Second Round: Use Avallac’h to gain card advantage.

Third Round: Wild Hunt Riders here along with Caranthir, if u manage to have the spare fog card use that to get Foglet’s back out & Gaunter O’Dimm if possible to get a good amount of units on the board, to finish the round save Iris & a Wild Hunt Warrior for that power swing round ender.

Use Caretaker where u feel necessary, & the damage cards, Lacerate, Dimeritium etc to whittle down the opponent’s strength & boosts. Having the spare fog & frost cards are good for back up when someone uses first light. ( Eredin in the last round is the best scenario, but use him for those 11 points when u feel the need!)

Have fun!!!

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