Blue Stripes Hunters


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This deck is built to win two separate rounds using the exponential power of Reaver HunterDeploy or Bond: Boost all copies of this Unit in your Hand, Deck and on your side of the Board by 1..

All the cards in the deck either allow you to play more Hunters or thin the deck for you so that you can execute your comboes reliably.

Here’s a proof of results of having played the deck for almost 60 games on 4k+ Ladder and Pro Ladder (about half on each).



Explanation of card choices;

First, a prelude; why play 28 cards? It’s because despite running those 28 cards we still thin down to negative cards, so we don’t actually lose anything by going over.


Reaver HunterDeploy or Bond: Boost all copies of this Unit in your Hand, Deck and on your side of the Board by 1.(Hunter) – the most important card in the deck everything revolves around, being the only card in the game that has exponential growth, they’re pretty awful when played in small quantities but each new copy introduces more and more strength (single Hunter is a 6, two are a 16, three are 33, four are 60, five are 100)

Field MedicDeploy: Choose a different Bronze Ally and shuffle it back into your Deck, then play a random Bronze Unit from your Deck.(Medic) = this is the glue that holds this deck together. Normally, this is just additional Reaver Scouts, which are 6 str instead of 1 str. Sometimes it unlocks Reaver Hunters or unspies them. Sometimes it takes Emissaries away to deny them to the opponent. In a pinch (if you would overthin) you should always target Reaver Hunters instead of anything that thins, because otherwise you might end up with a Dijkstra that does nothing.

Blue Stripes ScoutDeploy: Boost this Unit and all Bronze Loyal Temerian Units with the same Power in your Hand, Deck and on your side of the Board by 1. Crewmen 1.(BSS) – makes BSC and TI be good cards instead of meh cards.

Blue Stripes CommandoWhenever a different Temerian Ally with the same Power as this Unit is played, play this Unit from your Deck (1 copy max) on that Ally's row.(BSC) – with combination with BSS is a free 6 points, which is better than RoachWhenever you play a Gold card from your Hand (note: does not include Leaders), play this Unit from your Deck on a random row before that card resolves.. And you get 3!

Temerian InfantrymanDeploy: Play all copies of this Unit from your Deck on the row.(TI) – 18 points with 2 thinning in a card beats Witchers over the head.


NennekeDeploy: Shuffle up to 3 Bronze or Silver Units from your Graveyard into your Deck. – makes sure we don’t run out of cards in the deck to pull, which would otherwise happen pretty often. Normally shuffles in triple Hunter, otherwise 2 Hunters and 1 Medic, those are the typical pulls.

OperatorDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: If neither player has passed, choose a Bronze Unit in your Hand and create a base copy of it in both players' Hands. – remember that nice thing about having 5 Hunters making them all great and powerful? This is one of the ways to get more than 3. Giving opponent a 6 str card is mostly irrelevant.

ReinforcementPlay a Bronze or Silver Soldier, Machine, Officer or Support Unit from your Deck. Shuffle the others back. – gives you consistency and is a tactic so with Natalis is also quite a bit of power. Can search any non-gold unit in the deck except for OperatorDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: If neither player has passed, choose a Bronze Unit in your Hand and create a base copy of it in both players' Hands.

Alzur's Double–Cross – either searches Nenneke (which is important to have) or Operator (which is insanely important to have and otherwise unsearchable) or one of our bronzes (offsetting Hunters from a potential scorch is also nice).

Marching OrdersBoost the Lowest Bronze or Silver Unit from your Deck by 2 and play it. – remember how I called RScout the best NR bronze? It’s so good in fact, that I’m willing to use a silver to search it. It’s also a tactic which is important for Natalis.

Summoning CircleDoomed. Spawn a base copy of the last Bronze or Silver Unit any player placed on the Board. Leaders cannot be copied. – gives you the 5th Reaver Hunter, use it as early as possible. The instances where you can use it are as follows (after you play a Hunter or Operator, both of which are reasonable Circle targets); Your opponent plays a gold card. Your opponent plays a spell. The round ended after the card was played and you have the first play in the next round. There are rare instances where you want to Summoning Circle a Spy, but I don’t think I’d ever intentionally use circle on anything else, no matter how good it might seem, it usually pales in comparison to a 40 str card.


ShaniDeploy: Resurrect a Bronze or Silver Unit and add 2 Armor to it. – our bronzes are so good in fact, that we want to resurrect them using a gold card. Usually resurrects a RScout, a Medic or a Hunter, sometimes Nenneke (mainly against mill).

John NatalisDeploy: Play a Bronze or Silver Tactics card from your Deck. Shuffle the others back. – searches out bronzes through Reinforcement and Marching Orders and makes everything a lot more consistent.

DijkstraDeploy: Play the top 2 cards from your Deck. – the fat man himself, usually just grabs us 2 Hunters in R3, which means he’s worth about 63 points.

Royal DecreePlay a Gold card from your Deck. If it is a Unit (but not an Agent or Double Agent), Boost it by 2. Shuffle the others back. – because no gold card is nearly as good as the aforementioned three, I just want to get them more consistently. Sometimes brickable, one of the only cards in the deck that can be changed, see Replacement section.


RadovidDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If Enemies, Damage them by 4 as well. Crewmen 1. – we can’t use HenseltDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Choose a Bronze Support, Machine or Kaedweni Ally. Play all copies of it from your Deck. Crewmen 1. as Medic would be the only target. FoltestDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Boost all other Units in your Hand, Deck and on your side of the Board (except Agents and Double Agents) by 1. Crewmen 1., while theoretically achieving as much as 27 value, the fact that he’s such a slow tempo play in Round 1 which we can’t afford. Radovid gives us some modicum of interactibility by locking important targets such as EkimmaraDeploy: Gain Resilience and Consume an Ally., Impera EnforcersWhenever a Spying Enemy appears during your turn, Damage an Enemy by 2. Deploy: Damage an Enemy by 2., IrisDeathwish: Boost 5 random Units on the other side of the Board by 5., FogletWhenever you apply a Fog Hazard, play 1 copy of this Unit from your Deck on the opposite row. If there are none, Resurrect 1 copy instead. Destroy when all Fog Hazards are cleared from the Board. or Kaedweni Siege SupportWhenever an Ally appears, Boost it by 1. If it's a Machine, Boost it by 1 and add 1 Armor. Crewmen 1.. If you count the value you gain by locking those cards you can oftentimes gain more than Foltest would.

Mulligan Priorities:

  • 1 BSC.
  • TI over 1.
  • The rest of BSC.
  • The last TI.
  • Hunters over 1.
  • Medics over 1.
  • BSS over 1 (if you have 2 RScouts available)
  • MOrders if you also have Reinforcement in hand
  • Natalis if you have all 4 golds in hand.
  • RScout over 1 (if you have access to MOrders or Natalis)
  • Operator if you have Nenneke AND ADC in hand

After following all these steps you should have a reasonably good to really good hand. If you got screwed by RNG and can’t keep a hand without bad cards, try to still play triple BSS + BSC in R1 and get out of the first round as quickly as possible. If you’re against a deck that is likely to kill your first BSS (Spelateal, Spies, Monsters, SK…. actually a lot of decks) try your very best to have a way to find another one without jumping through too many hoops (at best with Natalis > Reinforcement or just Reinforcement)

Round 1:

The absolutely most important thing to do in this round is play three BSS alongside triple BSC. Afterwards you may play Operator, Medics, TI, RHunters. Feel free to use Natalis in this round, he does a lot of thinning. Either make it so that you win the round (using at most 4 RHunters) or that you get enough CA to not get overtly bled in R2.

Round 2:

If you won R1, have access to all golds and have good targets for Nenneke in graveyard, just drypass.

Otherwise play into the round, usually by playing as many Hunters as necessary (you didn’t play too many R1 knowing you’re gonna lose it… did you?) If you didn’t play TI R1, play them here. Generally try to save your Dijkstra for R3 alongside at least a total of 3 Hunters. Don’t shy away from using Shani this round if you can make your opponent pass earlier thanks to that.

Round 3:

Generally you should play 3-5 RHunters this round through various means to easily win the round. Using Medics to replay Hunters is usually worth it if they’re locked or damaged. If everything went well, you should be able to win this round by 30-60 points, even if you started it a card down.

General tips:

Try to avoid being ScorchDestroy all the Highest Units.‘ed/RadovidDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If Enemies, Damage them by 4 as well. Crewmen 1. if you can. Additionally, try to conserve him for important targets, he’s our only way to interact with opponent’s board, we have to use it sparingly.

Potential replacements:

This is a really tight deck that doesn’t leave almost any space for changes, but the following ones are some of the possibilities;

Alzur's Double–Cross could potentially be swapped for DecoyReturn a Bronze or Silver Ally to your Hand, Boost it by 3 and play it. (gives you more ‘copies’ of your good effects and additional buffer vs mill) or ThalerDoomed. Deploy: Look at the top 2 cards from your Deck. Draw 1 and shuffle the other back. (gives CA and prevents being bled while still being able to seek golds and/or Operator)


Royal DecreePlay a Gold card from your Deck. If it is a Unit (but not an Agent or Double Agent), Boost it by 2. Shuffle the others back. could be changed for a number of different cards, but probably only if you’re already including Thaler as the silver of choice. Some suggestions are Philippa EilhartDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 5, then Damage random Enemies by 4, 3, 2 and 1. The same Enemy cannot be Damaged twice in a row., PriscillaCounter 4: Until the Counter reaches 0, at the end of your turn, Boost a random other Ally by 3 and decrease the Counter. Deploy: Gain 3 Armor., EskelDeploy: Destroy a Bronze or Silver Enemy that is not Boosted., Geralt: IgniDeploy: Destroy all the Highest Units on the opposite row if that row totals 25 or more Power., Ragh Nar RoogApply a Ragh Nar Roog Hazard to all opposing rows. Ragh Nar Roog Hazard: Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage the Highest Unit on the row by 2., DroughtApply a Drought Hazard to all opposing rows. Drought Hazard: Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage the Lowest Unit on the row by 2. or Avallac'hDeploy: If neither player has passed, both players draw the top 2 cards from their Decks. (not tested whatsoever, try only if you feel like it)

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6 thoughts on “Blue Stripes Hunters

  1. Rey
    November 27, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Hey guys.
    I love to play this deck.
    Struggeling how to play round 2 sometimes.
    Whats about including “Muzzle”
    So you can get 6 reaver hunters.
    Steal the reaver you have copied with Operator.

    • Dunkoro - Author
      November 28, 2017 at 12:30 pm

      This deck was made before the patch that introduced Muzzle. I’d definitely include it, maybe even add Hanmarvyn’s Blue Dream.
      If you won Round 1, Round 2 should be all about setting up the perfect round 3, where you just play as many Reaver Hunters as possible and nothing else.

      • Rey
        December 5, 2017 at 9:50 am

        A Update would be nice!
        Adding blue Dream for Double djkstra?
        I Think muzzle is always better.
        Even if you not Catch the reaver so steal a key Card from your Opponent.
        The deck lacks if you dont get the 4th/5th reaver out.
        I included Commanders horn for more Power if Things dont go well with reavers.

  2. Hello
    October 17, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    How you deal with R3 Scorch?

  3. Fendor
    October 16, 2017 at 9:55 am

    How do u deal with weather?

    • Dunkoro - Author
      October 16, 2017 at 12:28 pm

      I outpower it. Clearing weather is and always has been overrated.


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