Bluff: Zero


-- 6,150

With the new patch 0.9.8 I made changes.
-2x Bearer, +1x Mardroeme +1x Alchemist
-1x Fire Scorpion, +1x Alchemist
– Xarthisius, + Tibor
– Vanhemar, +Serrit
Optional changes on silvers are The Guardian, Petter and Auckes that can be swapped with Cantarella, Sweers or Decoy.
Some even use Letho with or w/o the combo silver D. Bomb.
Also, 1 more option on golds is G:Igni

I tested a lot the reveal archetype and found this to works best for my taste.
The strategy is to reveal almost all (most time all of them) cards of your oppenent and then you just destroy their strategy.
You can easly take R1 and just try to have card advantage on R2.
The obvious finishers are your spotters. So, try to have at least 2 on R3.

The tech optional silver card is Guardian… If you’ve played NG in past you already know that is really annoying for your oppenent, especially on R2.

A big tip to those that aren’t familiar with this deck is to not use your Leader to reveal cards from your own hand.
At worst senario you reveal only 1 card and the others will be revealed from Vattier, Alchemists and Leo.

Hope you find it at least interesting and useful.
I will keep coming up with more NG decks… For the Empiiiiire !!! 😛

P.S.> Now that the next “hotfixes” are very near, along with this patch, I think this deck will be easly tier1.
(not this specific list but the archetype is almost sure will be)

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