Breed & Consume


-- 7,490

This deck is based around amassing a large amount of units through devouring/breedingadditionally features strong offensive moves using weather and de-boosting 

Important Cards

  • Vran Warrior
  • Arachas Behemoth 
  • Monster Nest(s)
  • Harpy 
  • Succubus 
  • Kayran 
  • Dimertirium Bomb
  • Dimertirium Shackles
  • Geralt: Aard (for weather offense)


General Strategy –

  • Play a Harpy (ideally one of the eggs will go onto the ‘ranged’ row – *Harpy Eggs give an extra +5 when devoured)
  • Play an Arachas Behemoth, 
  • Play a Vran Warrior (Ranged row if there is a Harpy Egg, if not; then whichever row has an egg)
  • Breed the Harpy Egg to create 4 more
  • If Vran Warrior is locked or destroyed, use Kayran now – or Ekimmara and absorb the eggs
  • (If this is on the Ranged row, then the Arachas Behemoth will continually feed the Vran Warrior as it consumes, giving +6 every other turn)
  • Use weather/leader when necessary – if Geralt: Aard is available use weather in tandem
  • If there is a highly-boosted card (Nilfgaard usually), Use Succubus at last possible moment.. Be aware that the transferred card becomes a ‘spying’ unit and therefore can be taken back with 2 possible Nilfgaard cards


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