Budget Antiversum’s Removal (No legendaries) + Guideline


-- 7,770

Based on this:
Read his guide in detail first, then read about the budget changes here.

*Ciri helps with card advantage to activate a last turn Cahir after the opponent is forced to pass, and Stefan Skelen helps you get a card you need, and both are mentioned in the original guide as possible card replacements.

*Yennefer: The Conjurer can sometimes help equalize unit strength for Rot Tosser. Obviously nothing will be as good for Rot Tosser as Myrgtabrakke.

*Cleaver instead of Auckes for now because when you are on a budget it feels like a waste to spend 200 scraps just for those 2 extra points, and the inclusion of the 3 knights means the deck is incompatible with frost anyway.

*I don’t have ideal alternatives for the 3 legendary silver cards. Roach helps Vilgefortz function, but this budget deck doesn’t have Vilgefortz anyway. Myrgtabrakke can’t really be mimicked by other cards. Sweers is a dead card for new players, and only starts helping once you reach a high rank and start encountering consume monsters with all the required legendaries. (Not to mention that this deck also has 3 more special cards against Nekkers anyway.)

*This is why I picked the Witcher trio. Nilfgard and Witcher trio go well together for several reasons. First of all in NG decks if you fail to get good results from your Rot Tosser, you’ll feel that the deck is having a hard time catching up to the opposing numbers. Witchers provides raw power while also thinning your deck, and both factors help NG a lot. Another benefit is the faction’s passive ability. If you accidentally pull off 2 witchers in the draw phase, with other factions you get stuck with them and lose good value, but in NG you can replace the extra witcher with a different card in the next round.

*If you don’t want the Witcher trio then swap them for Sweers (anti Nekkers), Assir Var Anahid (10 base strength at worst, 8 base strength+anti discard Skellige at best) and Alzur’s Double Cross (Which will always bring something powerful to the board).

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3 thoughts on “Budget Antiversum’s Removal (No legendaries) + Guideline

  1. basicallyrob
    March 29, 2017 at 1:06 am

    this deck doesnt work cause nerf on rot tosser (hard to get value from them), u need myrgtabakke.

    With this deck is impossible to win against skellige, wether monster and is hard to win against devourer monster. this deck only work against nothern realm. u need to replace ciri and yennefer with vilge and triss and you need to put myrgtabakke and roach instead witchers imho. i klnow its a budget version but i lose many games at rank 9.

  2. Sakeepa
    March 25, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Looks like a good deck. I think however that manticore venom isn’t needed in this deck when you have lacerate. Here a little change that I would do if the witcher trio isn’t something you want.
    – Vesemir (silver)
    – Lambert (silver)
    – Eskel (silver)
    – Nilfgaardian Knight (bronze)
    – Manticore Venom (bronze)

    + Aeromancy (silver)
    + Treason (silver)
    + Vicovaro Medic (trade from Nilf Knight) (bronze)
    + Ambassador (trade from Manticore Venom) (bronze)
    and for the last silver you can go either:
    + Joachim de Wett (silver)
    + Fake Ciri (silver)
    both function really well with Treason (silver)
    I know that they might not come cheap but if you’re lucky to open them in a keg I’d say that they go well in a semi-budget deck! 🙂

    • Sakeepa
      March 25, 2017 at 8:32 am

      Also I’d go fewer Lacerates


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