Budget: Berserker Skellige for Beginner, actually 23W 7L


-- 1,490

Hi, I’m a new Gwent played but a card game veteran.

I felt in love with this game and especially with this deck because it’s really solid, almost no luck involved !

The strategy is simple, just look for Berserker MarauderWhen moved to the graveyard, transform into a Bear. in the early game, also Raging BerserkerTransform into a Raging Bear if weakened but not destroyed.Clan Brokvar ArcherGain Weather Immunity. Remove 1 strength from 3 non-Gold units. is a good combo (thanks to the Skellige ability, the bear you spawn from the Raging BerserkerTransform into a Raging Bear if weakened but not destroyed. gets 12 attack on second round and 13 on third if you manage to summon him at first turn, good dude to ress with Priestess of FreyaResurrect a Bronze non-Permadeath unit.).

It’s easy to reach 80+ in the second or third turn with this deck so don’t rush in the first one, I usually try to force enemy combos in the first turn with heavy card like GeraltNo ability. but then I let them win.
I recently found CiriReturn to your hand if you lose the round. and it’s awesome to get a 2 card advantage on the second turn, no need to craft but she fit perfectly in this deck.
The win-condition combo is easy, just keep as much weakened unit as you can on the board and then use WarcryDouble the strength of all weakened non-Gold units on your side of the battlefield..
Crach An CraiteSpawn 2 Clan an Craite Warriors. + WarcryDouble the strength of all weakened non-Gold units on your side of the battlefield. is 32 attack, if you manage to have another weakened character on the board it’s a very huge attack power!

The Dimeritium BombChoose 5 adjacent units. Reset them to base strength. Convert affected Gold units to Silver (or Bronze, if that was their original color). is a must-have card against most of the decks because heavy resilient cards can be a problem.

Nothing more to say, just try this deck and let me think what you think about that; I tryed different budget deck (Weather monster or Dwarf boost) but I found this is more competitive, solid and very funny to play, just go berserker and destroy the enemy!

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One thought on “Budget: Berserker Skellige for Beginner, actually 23W 7L

  1. SirHopsalot
    May 19, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Pretty good budget-deck, you should consider including Champion of Champions as you don’t have any ranged units. He’s great to force out enemy removal or to just snowball (also great revive).


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