Calveit Gold Finish! (Spies)


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The entire strategy and concept of this deck is (to my limited knowledge) quite unique. The goal is to mulligan away all your *Golds* to start the game, win round 1 due to having critical mass of Spies (since you mulled into almost all Bronzes), bleed round 2 (with card advantage from Cantarella), and then have a hand of 2-4 standalone big finishers, with a stacked deck so that Calveit and Cahir are guaranteed or near-guaranteed to hit the other Golds/finishers.

Besides that basic strategy, and round 1 Spy sequencing, the main key thing to keep in mind at all times is Cantarella. You don’t always win round 1 (but always try, bleed them if you lose), but you can still be in a great position to win it all UNLESS Cantarella is still in your hand or deck. Therefore, round 1 mulligans should always keep at least 1 way to get Cantarella. For sure Royal Decree -> Rainfarn -> Alzur’s Double Cross. I’m not sure yet whether to mulligan Cantarella or Royal Decree if you have both round 1. If you have a good hand with 2+ Emissary, at least one more Emissary/Medic, and 3+ Imperas, I’d probably mull Royal Decree, and otherwise Cantarella.


Hi, first deck posted here. And still climbing the ranks, so no meta advice or anything. Card availability affected the origin of this deck, but now I’m satisfied with the Bronzes and Silvers, at least.

Deck origin: my first two Legendary cards from Kegs, 20-40 Kegs in, were Rainfarn and Assassination. And when I looked at the Gwentlemen “Snapshot” decks, Nilfgaard Spies was the deck I was the fewest Bronzes away from. And the rest of the deck origin is based on the stacked deck strategy above. Which informs a lot of deck choices, so that all your Golds and most of your Silvers are consistent high value in a short round.

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7 thoughts on “Calveit Gold Finish! (Spies)

  1. cursedfish
    December 7, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    Playing Spy NG with a different leader than emhyr is refreshing^^
    As mentioned above i would replace royal decree with something else, for example Menno ( synergy with your infiltrators)
    Also since i would switch out germain for the guardian: Germain has no synergy with your deck and r1 guardian can be absolute amazing for r2 and r3, also it is a very good target for adc in case you can pull canta with rainfarn.

    ( I know you can only work with stuff you own, do not worry)

    thumbs up for now 🙂

    • Robert Hatch - Author
      December 8, 2017 at 8:54 am

      Really glad you liked it! Almost didn’t post the deck since it’s so untuned in terms of Golds and any sort of metagame considerations.

      I’m okay enough playing the Guardian even if it slightly decreases my ability to get Cantarella with adc. In fact, I would definitely consider Guardian over adc itself. But Germain is secretly critical for the deck. With Calveit, Cahir, and Rainfarn all being powerful Golds… whose value depends on the value of another card… and Joachim being a powerful Silver… that also pulls another card… the deck-thinning works best if you have some silvers that are high point value.

      Germain + Commander’s Horn two card combo is that high point final round play. With Cahir, Calveit (and Royal Decree, heh), and adc if you keep it, you always hit the combo in all but the most atypical games. Totally normal to do something like (mulligan Germain to start r3): ADC into Germain to start round 3 (14 points), into Calveit -> Commander’s Horn and you’re at 38 points on 2 plays.

      I think Tibor is probably the Gold the deck is looking for, not Menno, for the same reason. I plan to save all my golds for a short round 3, and throw away all remaining Bronzes when I bleed them round 2, so I won’t keep around the Infiltrator combo anyways. Royal Decree has been surprisingly fine, so I’m not sure whether I’d cut only Assassination, or cut both for other Golds. It probably depends on my total deck thinning count, and whether I target “end with nothing”, or 1 buffer card.

      All that said, I admit my strategies I was using weren’t as consistent as I hoped, and not sure whether that was due to misplays and needing 1-2 better Golds, or a fundamental weakness somewhere in my plan. 🙂

      • Necrophagus
        December 8, 2017 at 7:14 pm

        Must admit I’m having great fun playing your deck aswell. I don’t have many cards yet, but I was going for something similar and had got most of the cards from this deck!

        Just swapped germain+commander’s horn strategy for Cynthia+Serrit. because I don’t have Germain. They do the same job in r3 being an avarage of 20 strength in two bodies, revealing a card and weakening it down to 1 from, usually min. 8 so it’s a great twist too.
        Also didn’t have one infiltrator and swapped it for Nauzica Standard bearer to fight the weather effects sometimes, but he’s a dead draw most of the times. I aggre with swapping Decree to Menno (gathering scraps for him now), the deck thins itself almost 100% of the times anyway.

      • CursedFish
        December 9, 2017 at 1:57 pm

        Tibor is a bad card for this deck trust me. Consider that he pulls your op a bronze unit, most vronzes are worth 10 points. Germain into horn is a decent combo, but you could also go for iris instead if horn (another rainfarn target) and guardian instead of germain ( high chance of you to get him r1, big impact on the game). Menno with infiltrators is insane.

  2. Robert Hatch - Author
    December 7, 2017 at 1:20 am

    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    Gold choices are almost entirely based on availability for me, unfortunately. That said, Rainfarn has been fine, I save my best few Silvers for final round, and mulligan Joachim pretty aggressively. But, yeah, Golds are not optimized in my build. Although both those Golds can find Cantarella, which is pretty critical in round 2 after bleeding them to get back the card you spent to win round 1.

    Usually, when things go well, I win R1 down 1 card, or sometimes even on cards if they went first, and couldn’t stop my snowball cards. Cantarella is how I get back that 1 card. If my opponent smashes me round 1, rather than go down two cards, I usually play out all my bronzes, then end with Cantarella. If they play another card out, I pass. Then Round 2 they will usually dry pass, and Round 3 is setup pretty much like normal.

    I’ve also experimented a little with my deck thinning after I submitted this deck. With 3 First Lights instead of Vicovaro Medic. It kinda prevents you from playing cards that require careful timing (Vicovaro Medic, Nauzicaa Brigade), but in turn makes your deck thinning and Impera Brigade a bit better. So all 3 ofs, First Light, Emissary, the Imperas, and Infiltrator.

    I was winning 60% or so, but a lot of my losses seemed to be if the opponent could stop the Impera Enforcers. So I’m considering going down to only 1 or 2, and adding 1-2 Ambassadors. Other than Scorch blowouts, playing out all spies and finishing with Impera Brigades is a bit harder for the opponent to stop. Though in turn you have fewer ways to stop enemy snowball cards. :shrug:

    Recently switched over to a fun deck-thinning Ethne deck, though, lol. 😉

  3. Discostick147
    December 6, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    Two things on this deck.
    1) I love it, definitely a powerful aggression deck, which is just super. I also love the strategy you’ve employed in order to ensure a hard hitting R1, slower R2, and a quick powerhouse R3
    2) Why have Rainfarn and Royal Decree? Using the strategy you’ve suggested (mulligan all golds for the first two rounds) kind of leaves those two cards leaving a lot to be desired. By the time R3 rolls around, chances are you’ve used all of your spy’s, Cantarella, and Joachim De Wit. Leaving Rainfarn kind of a weaker link in the chain seeing as he’s only able to bring 5 to the table. Same with the Royal Decree, chances are good that you’ll get most of your golds that last round, leaving this card almost valueless. I played around with switching these around with varying success. The Gold’s that I’ve found to be more effective were…

    – Muzzle, since this final round is going to be fairly short (as you had stated 2-4 cards each at most) each and every card is valuable to you, and them. It has
    really turned the tides for me on several occasions.
    – Tibor Eggebracht, pretty self explanatory here. He does however work well with Muzzle if the card they happen to draw is >= 8pts.
    – Hanmarvyn’s Blue Dream, this one can be invaluable depending on what gold card’s they’ve already played.

    I’ve also been playing this deck incredibly fast and loose the first round. I rarely loose R1 with how aggressively I play your build. That being said, unless I am going second, I am almost always down 1-2 cards going into R2.

    Let me know what you think!


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