Control the GRAVE! 0.8.33

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-- 4,550

I’ve been dabbling with what Skellige excels at in this patch. I honestly thought that the Skellige deck was hit really hard early in the patch. Come to find out, I wasn’t using Geralt:aard! The deck really relies on you playing the last card. But with everybody and their baby momma playing Aard it’s very difficult when you should pass and when you should play. Luck is a big factor in your opponent, but not so much for you. Since you are able to search and draw practically your whole deck. King of BeggarsPlay the weakest non-Gold unit from your deck. Ties are resolved randomly. excels at thinning your deck as well as bringing out a key card; Priestess of FreyaResurrect a Bronze non-Permadeath unit.!

On a side note draig bon-dhu is ridiculous now that it gives +2 base strength. Notable cards to copy with OperatorChoose a non-Gold unit in your hand (other than the Operator). Create an exact copy in both players' hands. Banish when moved to the graveyard. include, Queensgaurd, Draig, Sigrdrifa and King of Beggars. 

The end game involves utilizing King Bran to buff up Queens, then buffing them as many times as you can with madroeme. It’s very easy to gain advantage with the Queen’s as long as your opponent is out of weather. Bait the weather in the first 2 rounds as much as you can, using clear weather to force your opponent to keep playing weather. Keep in mind that this is partially your strategy to with CoralSpawn the appropriate Weather effect on the opposite row only. and Aard, so make sure you utilize this combo to seal a round. And try not to use the combo too early. 

Anyway! Give this deck a try! It’s super satisfying to hit a long Rez chain after you Draig.

Happy Gwenting!

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3 thoughts on “Control the GRAVE! 0.8.33

  1. MareCZEk
    February 12, 2017 at 10:27 am

    Are you planning to update on this deck? It looks promising for later games (as there is lot of scrap needed or luck with kegs) but some of the synergies looks outdated eg. King Bran only buffs +1 now etc.

  2. Mikus
    December 29, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    I want to put Cerys here but i don’t know for what, help please!!

    • GioDaddy
      January 1, 2017 at 8:05 pm

      Honestly if you want to put in Cerys you can easily replace Ermion. He’s not as useful when you draw into him in the later rounds. Whereas Cerys will aslways net you some advantage especially if you have played a lot of Q.G in the past rounds. Hope this helps!


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