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I found Shani to be MUCH more versatile, than say Roche. Mostly through those Margarita/Dethmold resurrects, armor is unfortunately just a nice bonus. If we had a silver Shani/Sigrdrifa, that would be in the deck instead, but in NR that’s our only option. Something like ADC’ed grave hag, your Roche wouldn’t deal with(resulting in ~30 power spike r3 as it usually gets), unlike ressed Margarita, or thundering additional dwarf with ressed Dethmold before it got buffed. You can definitely come up with other examples on your own and through playing the deck. Personally not a fan of RNR version, most decks run 2-3 clear skies at the moment, and “disrupting” their cycling does not seem that appealing to me for a cost of a gold slot .. IGNI is meta right now with all the dorfs and swarms, do not keen to keep it for too long. First of all you are buffing your baron here, 2nd of all you may get dodged from it’s effect in r2-3 easily. Everybody runs it, thus everybody anticipates it. Still a king of those r1’s.

Sarah obviously makes your gold draw rates skyrocket, thanks to Baron synergy in r2, essentially pushing you to nearly 4golds every game level, also strong body(care with Bork sometimes). Thaler is Thaler and a good Bork target to maximize overall value. Reinforcement/ADC help cycle and we do need them all, not the best deck thinning-wise, usually at least 5 cards left in the deck in r3. Margarita & Dethmold too good through the aforementioned versatility, especially with Shani and mostly have been spoken about in para1. Sort of would like to run Myrgtabrakke here for obvious reasons, yet it is that effective against monsters only and cannot see a spot for it as I’m writing this.

Bronzes on the other hand are a field for experiments. 3 reinforced ballistas is something you definitely eager to play, yet lacking normal ballistas might feel like a miss in some matchups. At this point nevertheless through some(quite some) testing I found 3 rballistas overall better. Shackles work with Bork & Igni(don’t forget you can “disable” your opponent lock on Bork, but care at the same time, as it can scorch itself with own effect, given nothing more powerful was present on the board ..). Lacerate(meta pick 1st of all), Radovid and some Dethmold arsenal help prepare “scorch” targets. BSC – free value & cycle, so we want 3 of them. 2 sergeants feel like a correct amount as well. Ended up with only 1 reaver scout and 2 KSP, which then again sounds about right in terms of a balance between thinning and value. As much as we want thinning here, scout also lacks crewmen -> less shots for your ballista -> less kills -> Baron not having a good time. And then last, but not least, 2 BS scouts should be enough to cover your weather routine in current meta or block Yenn:Conjurer for couple rounds with their armor. Quite often valuable play, since due to your other bronze synergies, otherwise Yenn might go ham. I insist on running these, even if you prefer something like Aggedon’s RNR-style Baron decks, since multiple times I literally saw those lose to monsters r3 simply being overwhelmed by 5-7 foglets power(add Yenn:Uni and/or Triss:BS potential here). Speaking of his deck in particular, I’d suggest cutting 1RS & 1KSP for 2 BSS.

Radovid – is a king, quite literally. Ask redanians .. I possibly would rate him top1 leader power-wise in the whole game right now. Not only sheer value of 5+8 is high, preparing scorch-effects becomes easier & more devastating, you will only feel the true power of this ruthless ruler at the very moment you block 2 30power dorf bodies from proceeding to the next round. Small tip example would be: the moment you are falling behind on board vs STdorfs utilize Thaler, often results in a pass which covers your Radovid lock effect from being overwritten by double Ithlinne adrenaline rush whilst keeping the card counter equal or even maintain 1card advantage given you won the coinflip this game. Similar strategy can be used r2, given you won r1, start with Thaler and repeat the “usual” procedure of forcing cards off them since they have to win r2 while killing as much as possible for your B(this is the prime example on how “draw-spies” are mostly used by all factions tbh, or aimed being used this way). And in general, try to kill as much as you can, namely against monsters. When they have passed, calculate how much of the egg carryover you are forced to allow to win that round with a minimal score and in as few cards as possible, while killing as much stuff as you can afford to please your Baron. This may be a difference between a win or a loss, you only need to win by 1 point, as much as I am being a captain here.

In p1 I explained gold choices, yet there might be a reason for also going through several other specific options, as to why those are not good(or not as good) in my deck verion, might return & work on that section later. For now, you are left to simply trust me with what has already been said here or simply pass by.

BTW: don’t ever try to win in 2rounds with this deck, not only this is going to be extremely hard, it simply by no means is how you are supposed to play the Baron version, which requires you to kill stuff, exhaust your opponent hand and then simply not have an answer to 20-30 golden body in r3. For the same reason draw(tie) in r1 is very bad for you, try to dodge this as much as you can.

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