Eithne Deck-thinning Value


-- 5,950

I’ve made it to Rank 18 and still winning, and iterations of this deck has been my main go-to deck.

The deck as-is probably isn’t optimal for like, Pro Ladder, but with optimized Golds and maybe a few good meta slots, it might work. And sometimes having trouble keeping up with powerful combo decks, but I keep winning, most of the time.

Most of my games were with Malakam Ale instead of Dwarven Agitator, but with simple and consistent mulligan strategy, I don’t think you need the extra spell target. It can also make Eithne worse, but 95% of the time you draw Eithne’s Horn, which is the only spell target you ever want.

Mulligan: Blacklist a First Light, then 2nd/3rd Blue Mountain Commando, then any additional First Lights, then Aelirenn. If you have 0 Blue Mountain Commandos, then worth mulling something else. Besides that scenario, the only other card you ever mulligan is Toruviel. She’s usually worth mulling IF both First Light and Blue Mountain Commando are blacklisted. You risk drawing Aelirenn, but if you are missing a key component, like only 0-1 Elvish Mercenaries, the high chance of moderate upside outweighs the small chance of big downside.

Normally it’s totally fine to wait to mulligan Toruviel until round 2 or 3. She’s your only ambush target, so be aware you do need her in your deck for the final round.

Basic strategy is long round 1, that both thins your deck and gets you accumulated value off Farseers, Sheldon, Aelirenn, and Saesenthessis, if you win, usually dry pass round 2, and round three you just cast Germain, Horn, Eithne, and Isengrim, usually in that order, and usually that 78 points on 4 cards is enough.

Remember to play Elvish Mercs before too long in round 1, with hands holding a lot of other Bronzes, just one Merc will sometimes get lucky and thin the full 6 cards from the deck! Don’t want to be caught holding it if the opponent drops from the round early.

The deck is a lot of fun, and very consistently does its thing. Vulnerable enough to cards like Scorch and Geralt: Igni, but not wildly so.

Against weather, usually it’s NOT worth using First Light for Clear Skies. Farseers, high tempo round 1 plays, and bleeding them long into round 1 plays; these are usually better ways to beat Eredin weather decks. Though always keep an eye in case you can get 6+ points off Heals/Farseers out of a Clear Skies.


Cards NOT to cut:

Commander’s Horn / Germain. Backbone of your round 3, and gives you the Eithne 25 point play.

Isengrim/Toruviel. 21 point, semi-unconditional (with Germain), gold play. I suppose since it takes a Gold AND a Silver slot, there could be better options, but it’s the only Gold I crafted for this deck, and I’m very happy with it.

Other golds are fine to cut, the Muzzle and Iorveth give powerful removal for snowball cards, and Saesrespdiss, er, the Elf-loving Dragon can be a nice 20+ point play in round 1, but he’s not so great if drawn later. These cards probably aren’t even my top picks for this deck, I just haven’t crafted anything besides Isengrim.

Silvers: I think Aelirenn is also key. +6 is just so much.

The Silver Dwarves are pretty great but probably fine to cut. I want to try Artefact Compression, I think it could be solid value in almost every matchup, and possibly a critical piece against the cards/matchups I’ve struggled against. (Nekker with Nekker Warriors, Skellige giant boosts)

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