Eithne special(ish) deck


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I have long time wanted to make a special card deck and finally use some other faction than Nilfgaard.

Lets go through a quick explanation.

Just a note, that as I write this, Gwentify has not updated the cards and added the new ones so This deck is missing Isengrim: Outlaw and 2x reconnaissance. I added 3x resiliamce just because I had to add something to get this deck saved and uploaded.


Eithne. Getting to use again some special cards. Mainly Twisted mirror, The last wish or Scorch, gained from Schirru.


Schirru: Let it burn! Scorch can be a powerful weapon.

Ithlinne: 2x Alzur’s thunder Can really help removing annoying cards from opponent, as it gives 18 damage. More effective than Assassination.

Isengrim:Outlaw: Getting those valuable silver special cards from the deck or getting moe manpower when creating silver cards.

Drought. It can be a real pain for the opponent. Hailstorm could be a good pair with this, as drought makes opponent to put all cards on the same row to reduce damage. I might do that at some point again.


Toruviel: Can be a really powerful card for the last round.

Braenn: When boosted in hand, it really makes a difference. Getting about 15 of power by itself and damaging opponent the same makes it a really effective card.

Aeromancer: more Alzur’s thunders!

Iris: As long as I have all the possibilities to kill enemies, why not add Iris. 25 points is not bad at all for one silver card.

The last wish: Thinning and deck control

Twisted mirror: Killing an enemy of 10 power and gaining that myself! not a bad deal. Easily usable as I often have the lowest units.


Vrihedd dragoon: Boosting mainly Toruviel and Braenn

Farseer: Getting some power on the table myself.

Elven mercenary: Thinning and deck control.

Alzur’s thunder: just wiping of enemies. It is as fun as it is useful.

Swallow: Improve consistency as I sometimes need to begin round with elven mercenaries, and then I don’t want Alzur’s thunder. Also getting some power on the table myself.

Reconnaissance. Deck control and thinning.

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