First aggression, then control.


-- 6,100

I have gotten to level 19 with this, even though I played Gwent for the first time mid June in the Withcer and shortly after in this online version. but I feel this could be improved further. I will explain the purpose for all the cards below in a short way.


Imperial golems: Free 6 points, use with Commanders horn. used first round, usually in second or third turn.

Alba pikeman: Play first in first round. When there is 2 of them and 3 imperial golems, play commanders horn and you have almost 50 points in just a few turns.

Epidemic: Play for better control in the second round, or in the third with Tibor. Best used as first card after enemy plays a good/decent card when they begin the round.

First light: Monsters use a lot of weather cards. I there is no weather, you get a random bronze when rallying.

Vicovaro medic: Counter Skellige discard in second or third. Decent against others too most of the time.

Bloodcurling roar: Use for Vicovaro medic, damaged any, golems (of not used commanders horn) or to counter enemy rot tossers or their rot tosser counters.

Alzur’s thunder: Damage high enemies to improve the use of Yennefer.

Nilfgaardian knight: If you have commanders horn, but not 5 melee units on board, add this to the row. Easy 10 points every time with the cost of revealing a card.

Rot tosser: One of my favourites. Best for teasing the opponent and gaining control. Improved with Yennefer.


Commanders horn: Use in first round with golems and pikemen. Run for aggressive win.

Scorch: Keep your opponent in line! Best in the third round with Tibor.

Joachim De Wett: Gain good extra points, preferred use in second round. Watch out with scorch, since the gained unut is often the highest on board.

Sarah: Didn’t get the card you need? Sarah might just give it to you. Can’t get a good use for your best cards? Sarah will swap the for something better for the occasion!

Auckes: Good for some lockin’! Minus is when your rots are locked, you cant unlock them without damaging them.

Peter Saar Gwynleve: Useful for your damaged units to get them back going, or for high boosted opponents.


Geralt igni: Some good control.

Yennefer: If you win first round, this combined with rot tossers will make the opponent miserable in the second round.

Triss Merigold: An annoying unit? make it less annoying in the graveyard. Another help for Yennefer.

Tibor Eggebracht: 3rd round win. Almost every time. Just remember to try to fight for card advantage before going for 3rd round.

What do you think? What to improve?

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