Ghouls and Witches


-- 5,800

The idear behind this is to play a lot of tempo round 1 (fiends, weather, crones etc) and to eat 11 point fiends and your manticore in r3 with your ghouls for massive points.

I only run 2 hounds because most op will stack everything on the same row vs weather decks anyway. Apply frost to one row and keep it up for the entire round , only refreshing it if your op clears. Most of the time a single hound will bring you ca 20 points value, most op do not clear a single row cause they expect you to apply frost to another row.

Also hounds are low tempo and bad value if you draw them r3.


– high tempo r1 thanks to crones opener

– good long rounds thanks to weather and good short rounds thanks to ghouls

– no good muzzle target for your op (lul)

– decent deck thinning thanks to crones, hounds and slyzard


Big units r3 also means good targets for your op. But hey, spell sc did keep winning r3 with protectors for months so it can not be that risky. Just do not play into scorch ( two 15 point ghouls at once) or igni


Round 1:

Mulligan: Blacklist frost and all except one crown.

Play your crones first as a huge 20 point opener that also thins your deck.

If Crones are the only relics in your hand play a fiend first. ( consider scorch!) Fiends can also buff if you got other fiends in your hands or caretaker/woodland.

After crones are out apply frost to one row, if you do not have a hound in your hand go for eredin into hound or woodland if you need the tempo.  I would always go for frost first, since your foglet dies if your op clears and woodland is good r3, too.

Do not apply weather to another row except you know for sure your op does not have clears, weather on a single row for the entire duration of a long round r1 is very high value and most of the time players do not clear single rows cause they expect you to apply more weather first.

Stay in the game, move stuff into your weather row with drowners, play fiends and so on….

Round 2:

Play frigthener

Bleed your op and play remaining fiends, hounds and other stuff you do not need r3.

If your hand is rly, rly good you can also dry pass into r3 after playing frigthener, thanks to weather this deck is also fine in long rounds. I would go for a short round 3 most of the time since a lot of decks depend on longer rounds.

The best round 3 is a round with only ghouls and golds in your hand.

If you do not have frigthener dry pass into r3 if your hand is not absolute or you have not played any fiends yet.

Round 3:

Feed your ghouls with fiends and the manticore, play your golds, win with pure point value. Ofc play caretaker first vs sk and go for woodland at the start of the round if you still have him.

You can also try to safe your toadprince and manticore for r3, it is a 18 point play into a 17 point play. Keep in mind what toadprince might draw you before doing that. Toadprince on it´s own is also a good r3 card since it can get rid of stuff you do not need like a archgriffing or a fiends that won´t get a buff or other blanks.


Basic combos:

Toadprince eating manticore for 18 point tempo play. Thin your deck a little first to increase the chance of drawing into something good

Eredin into rider in a long round if you have both hounds in your hand or just navigator into hound if your op cleared the row.

Slyzard into literaly anything possible: Into a hound for a 7 point weather play, into drowner for a 12 to 14 point play, into fiends for a 14 point play and so on. If you were forced to play a ghould r1 or r2 you can also pull a ghoul for a 18 point play ( just discard 1 ghoul if you have 2 of them in your hand r3 in that case, 3 extra points)

Archgriffin for weather clear and/or moving good stuff from your op graveyard to yours. Good vs sk and goods vs ng. (move a emissary to your graveyard to stop the spy engine or slow it down a little bit, like that they can not res it)

Ge´els into something: Always keep in mind what ge´els pulls. After playing the crones you should have a pretty good idear what silver he might pull you. I often go for Ge´els into frigthener r2 for example.


Woodland Spirit: Caranthir, he is worth 4 points less than woodland but he can move stuff around which is often very useful. ( in that case replace Eskel with imlerith)

Frigthener: I think playing without a spy in this carry over meta is a nightmare, but you can replace him with summoning circle if you want to. Dorr is also fine since he can at least provide you with carry over, making it possible to pass into a round on even cards.

Eskel: Any gold removal you want. For example imlerith ( in that case replace woodland, too), muzzle or kayran. At the moment i prefer Eskel but it honestly does not matter a lot.

Archgriffin: Clear Skies. Also a decent tutor r3 since you should have played stuff like hounds and the foglet before.

– if your replaced woodland you can run another drowner or lacerate or whatever the F you want, monster bronzes tend to suck thow.


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One thought on “Ghouls and Witches

  1. indrect
    December 20, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    With midwinter, because of the nerf to frightener toad interaction, what about Arachas Behemoth?


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