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Hello guys. Due to the sudden popularity of Dwarven decks since the buffs in patch 0.8.25, I decided to make my own dwarven deck to try to win some games. But not surpisingly, most of the oponents were well prepared for this and decided to slaughter my Mahakam DefenderDeploy: Gain Resilience.s without any mercy. As you may have noticed, this renders the deck mostly useless. So in turn, I built the deck again from scratch with the idea of not getting wrecked ever again, and it has been such a huge sucess.

Normal Dwarven Decks base themselves on buffing Mahakam DefenderDeploy: Gain Resilience.s, as they stay on the board through the game. This deck does the same, but the Defenders are just one big bait for the oponent. Of course, it also includes a countermeasure for this so you can end up winning. The main stars of this deck are, in fact, the Witchers. You can argue they take 3 silver slots, but to be sincere I do not have any other silver cards that synergize with dwarves.

Deploy: Gain Resilience.

ROUND 1: Ideal starting hand would be to have: 2/3 Mahakam DefenderDeploy: Gain Resilience.s, 2/3 Mahakam GuardDeploy: Boost an Ally by 4. If it's a Dwarf, Strengthen it by 3 instead.s, 1 Witcher or Commander's HornBoost 5 adjacent Units by 4. (remember you can get any Witcher/Horn with Brouver HoogDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: Play any Silver Unit or a Bronze Dwarf from your Deck. Shuffle the others back., so just having one of them on hand is good) and Swallow PotionBoost a Unit by 8.s/Thunderbolt PotionAdd 2 Armor to 3 adjacent Units and Boost them by 3.s. I have included Hawker HealerDeploy: Boost 2 Allies by 3. to counter possible weather decks, so when Frost is played you can either use First Light or buff the whole row. Toruviel does the same, but you can replace her with Barclay Els if you like (I ditched him seeing as dwarves are not primirdial to the deck). On this first round you want to play your Mahakam Defenders in the next way: First place one single Mahakam Defender. Next, buff it with Mahakam Guard. Only NOW you can place your second Defender, else you are very vulnerable to Manticore VenomDamage a Unit by 12.. If you want to place a third Defender, I recomment you buff the previous 2 with a Thunderbolt PotionAdd 2 Armor to 3 adjacent Units and Boost them by 3.. This way, you can shield the other defenders from ScorchDestroy all the Highest Units., while making sure you will keep at least 1 if he decides to use wounding.

REMEMBER: The aim of this first round is to bait Scorch/Borkh/Manticore/Weather, so do not be dissatisfied if you end up losing all Defenders (tends to happen most of the time). Losing the first round but gaining 1 or 2 card advantage is a superb result too.


Deploy: Play a Bronze or Silver Alchemy card from your Deck. Shuffle the others back.

ROUND 2: So whether you won or lost Round 1, the strategy now is very simple. It does not matter much if you have Defenders left, but it sure helps in case you end up losing the Witchers by any chance. So if you are against a non-Weather deck, you start off by playing any of the 3 Witchers in your hand (If you have ToruvielAmbush: When your opponent passes, turn this Unit over and Boost 2 Units on each side by 2., she is also a good card to use now). Then you start by buffing either LambertDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 5 and Damage up to 4 copies of it on its side by 4. or EskelDeploy: Destroy a Bronze or Silver Enemy that is not Boosted. with Swallow PotionBoost a Unit by 8.. If the oponent does not Scorch, use another Swallow PotionBoost a Unit by 8. on VesemirDeploy: Play a Bronze or Silver Alchemy card from your Deck. Shuffle the others back. this time (perfect Scorch shield for the other 2). You can now buff the other Witcher with any other potions, or buff the Defenders. Save Hawker Healer if by any chance they get to play Frost. Once your Witchers are buffed, use adrenaline Rush on them (always leaving the one with the highest score, as he is the Scorch target and the chances of him surviving are low). If the oponent does not play some sort of removal/weather/wound, the round is mostly won. Once all your Witchers/Defenders are buffed, you can use Adrenaline RushToggle a Unit's Resilience. on them and maybe play Commanders Horn to secure the round (or use it earlier to force the oponent to pass).

On the contrary, against a Weather-based deck you must save the potions for last, as they are easily countered. Spam Toruviel/Witchers but do not use Swallow Potions. I repeat, DO NOT BUFF them at the beginning. Instead use something like a Mahakam Guard/Thunderbolt potion to buff Lambert/Eskel and use Adrenaline RushToggle a Unit's Resilience. on Vesemir (the reason for this is in case he has Alzur's ThunderDamage a Unit by 7. because he can  smite your 6-strenght Witcher). Use any other Thunderbolt at your disposal. To counter Frost, you can either use First Light or the Hawker Healer (or other cards like Zoltan). Only when your oponent passes you can use 1 or 2 Swallow Potions to buff the Witchers and win the round. But be careful, maybe on the last round he will play weather and utterly destroy your strategy, so save some potions for it.


ROUND 3: If the oponent is not weather based, the game is won (except some cases like the oponent playing Phillipa, but that sure is bad luck). With that in mind, you should have in hand 1/2 potions and First Light/Hawker Healer just in case. If you are trully scared of Weather decks you can swap some cards for more First Lights/Hawker Healers.


You will quickly see that 90% of the oponents underestimate the power of this deck, and will take for granted that once the Mahakam Defenders are out of the game they can win with ease. Exceptuating some really annoying Monster Weather (specially if they play drowners), Scoia’tael Removal (they kill your units before you can buff them), Skellige Resurrect (Dimeritium bomb, but in most cases your base strength should be enough), and some rare cards (Kambi, Phillipa, etc), you should win against most oponents. I have been winning 7-8 games in a row each day for the last week, a result I had not forecasted at all. Wish you good luck with it too!


Note: I have included Nature's GiftPlay a Bronze or Silver Special card from your Deck. Shuffle the others back. in case you want to duplicate Commander's HornBoost 5 adjacent Units by 4. to get an even higher result, but you can swap it with other silver card if you want (I use Scorch). But as this is a Buff deck, I doubt your oponent will have units that are much bigger than yours  in terms of strength. And this results in Scorch being useless in many games. Decide to include it or not at your own risk, and be sure to tell me if the outcome is positive in the comments below.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks and see you in the game!


[Change Log]

19/12/2016 – Vanilla (patch 0.8.25)

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