Handbuff Nilfgaard


-- 5,880

Want to play 20+ point bronzes? 

Replace the Adrenaline Rush cards, Arachas Venoms, and Biting Frosts with: 

3 Wyvern Scale Shield: boost an ally by the base power of a bronze or silver unit in your hand

2 Ointment: Choose one – Heal an ally and split 5 boost randomly between all allies, or Resurrect a bronze unit with 5 or less power

2 Reconnaissance: look at 2 bronze units in your deck and play one

Glorious Hunt: If losing spawn an Imperial Manticore, if winning spawn Manticore Venom

Magne Division have been changed to: Play a random bronze item from your deck. In this deck it is either Wyvern Scale Shield or Ointment.

Round 1 mulligan Shields and Ointments and fish for Nilgaardian Knight/Glorious Hunt, Mandrake/Vesemir/Royal Decree, Alchemists/Leo Bonhart/Royal Decree. These combos are your win condition. If you do not have these after Mulligan, you play Avallach, and if you still don’t have what you need you play Cantarella. With this decklist I have only had one or two matches where I did not have what I needed in my starting hand. 

If you lose coinflip play either Nilfgaardian Knight or a low value card to play Glorious Hunt after your opponent takes the lead. If you win coinflip you can play Glorious Hunt right away and have Knight as a backup in case your opponent recognizes your strategy and counters. 

Next you can either Peter -> strengthen for an extra 3 points, but it’s a dead giveaway of your gameplan and gives your opponent another turn to counter. Or Emhyr -> Mandrake (Mandrake through Vesemir is preferred) strengthen your high value target and return the now 18-22 strength unit to your hand. 

Reveal it with Leo and remove a target, or reveal it through Alchemists. 

After that you want to play your spotters in rounds one and two, so your ointments will have targets round 3. Use Magne Divisions to pull Ointments or Shields, and use the Shields to boost a higher than 5 strength ally to protect from Scorch. 

If you lose round 1 and your opponent dry passes round 2, play a spotter and pass, then summoning circle it at the start of round 3. 

Try to win Round 1, bleed your opponent well in round 2, and set up a strong finisher in a short round 3. 

The most difficult match-ups for this deck are Reveal/Conceal decks, Spies/any NG deck running Vicovaro Medics, Triple Scorch Eithne 

When playing a Reveal/Conceal you will want to keep your Alchemists in hand ready to counter him concealing your boost target. You can use your Shields before revealing to try and get his conceal cards out of his hand. If they Venendal Elite, don’t worry, Spotters and Shields boost by base strength. 

When playing against a NG deck with Vico Medics, play your Spotters last and your Shields first. This will mean your Ointments will be dead, but it is what it is. 

Against Triple Scorch Eithne, its going to be difficult but Triple Scorch isn’t a popular deck. You can use your Ointments to split 5 boost rather than resurrect a spotter, to stagger your point values. Use your Wyvern Scale Shields to boost a unit with a base strength higher than 5 to stagger as well. 

I’m currently 50-1 with this deck, having only lost to a conceal deck. 


Update: replaced Avalla’ch with Letho: Kingslayer, and Summoning Circle for Marching Orders. Letho tutors Glorius Hunt, Marching Orders, and Recon. Adds a bit of reliability and is worth value even if you have everything you need in your hand, whereas Avalla’ch could draw something that bricks your hand. 

Latest patch didn’t change anything for this deck besides the Ointment change, adding more emphasis on getting Spotters into your graveyard. 

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3 thoughts on “Handbuff Nilfgaard

  1. Muradin
    February 16, 2018 at 5:45 pm

    really inconsistent and easy to counter, most of the time if the enemy is not brain dead he can kill your knight or play around the glorious hunt + as a matter of fact the magne division’s are really bad rn even with 3 shield vs 2 ointments pulling most of the time the ointments and so loosing a good finisher [ointment+spotter] in the end round.Its too risky to play it before any spotter is dead but its also a core mechanic in winning the game so those 2 headbutt each other.

  2. Nentii
    February 12, 2018 at 12:25 am

    Although i was wondering, is double cross just for milling and pulling cantarella or do you use it after you play her to get nilfgaard knight?

  3. Nentii
    February 12, 2018 at 12:17 am

    Thanks for the detailed guide looking forward to trying it out


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