Heavy Metal Radovid (4,4k last season, with guide)


-- 6,250

The idear behind this deck is to thin your deck with the temerian package r1 to play your full armor package r3.           In a perfect match you will play exactly 25 cards and you will have 0 cards left in your deck.                                                I got to 4,4k with this list last season and i am climbing with it very well this season.


UPDATE: I replaced hailstorm and thaler with margarita and marching orders.                                                    Margarita is pretty good in the current meta, for example against decks like nekkers and ng spy, also allows you to play radovid a bit easier                                                                                                                                                                   Had to replace thaler, too. Why? You thin so much that you draw him in r3 a lot if you did not get him r1 or r2. Also marching orders is a good tutor for reaver scout or blue stripes early r3 and most of the time for stennis.



Radovid: Amazing leader for 2 reasons.First: He is worth 14 points. Second: he locks 2 targets and there are so many good targets in this meta. (Borkh, Iris, Farseer, Imperas, Nekkers, wolf and headless…. the list goes on)



Blue Stripes Scouts and Commandos: Good value and deck thinning. Also buffing your infantryman. Focus on getting these out r1.

Temerian Infantryman: 18 point play + deck thinning if you played all blue stripes. 20 points if you only played 2. Play them r1.

Reaver Scout: Tutor for Blue Stripes Scouts in the first place, but also useful for getting heavy cav out r3.

Redenian Elite: Armor Synergy with Heavy Cav. Play one of these r1 if you dont have trollolol in your opening hand to enable a good shani target r3.

Heavy Cav: Armor Synergy. Try to play at least 2 of them r3. ( you can play one of them r1 if you have to )



Trollolol: Amazing value together with heavy cav. If you play him r1 or r3 and your op can not remove him he will most likely win you the round.

Commanders Horn: 20 points value or 26 points value with john natalis, rly amazing. Also your decks makes it easy for you to line stuff up in one row so you should always be able to play it for full value. Try to safe this card for r3. Only play it r1 if you lost the coin flip while having less points than your op and nothing else keeps you in the round.

Reinforcement: Tutor for Blue Stripe Scouts or Reaver Scout into Blue Stripe Scouts in the first place, but also a amazing tutor for everything else in your deck except thaler if you can get the blue stripes out without this card.

Margarita: Good card to counter r3 win conditions like protectors, bork, iris….. the list goes on. ( good in any other round, too) Also this card allows you to play radovid in r1 without having to worry about it too much. The reset can also be useful. All in all there are so many good lock targets in this meta that it is worth running her and radovid.

Stennis: Play him r3. Works well togeteher with your heavy cav. The best target for Stennis is the redenian elite or trollol, but other cards are fine, too. ( You can res him with Shani if you were forced to play him r1 or r2, but only if you do not have DJ in your hand, otherwise you risc to over-thin)

Marching Orders: Good tutor card^^ Pulls you your reaver scout, than stennis, than redenian elites (if you got your blue stripes and infantryman out. Good r1 if you do not have scout in your hand, helps with getting the temerian package out, also good r3 to get stennis or elite for armor line up.


Shani: Play her r3. Res Trollolol, a elite or heavy cav for armor synergy.

Keira: 15 points and armor synergy. Try to hit at least 2 units you want to remove armor from to increase her value to 21.

John Natalis: Amazing 26 points finisher with commanders horn, but you can also use him to pull blue stripes scouts r1 with reinforcement. Be careful with playing your tactic cards, you do not want him to be a 6 point blank. You can also play him r1 if you you manage to get all blue stripes out thanks to that, also it is good tempo. (commander horn on it´s own is still good 😉 )

DJ: Helps you getting your entire armor package out r3 or whatever is left in your deck. The time when you play him r3 is impotant. For example: set up your armor units first if you have heavy cavs left in your deck. Play natalis into a tactic card first if he is in your hand.                                                                                                                                          To sum it up: Try to play him in a way that gets you the best draws, if the match went well he will pull you the last two cards in your deck.



Blacklist  all except one temerian infantryman and all blue stripes commandos. If you have 1 mulligan left and you already blacklisted the mentioned cards you can blacklist a redenian elite (if you have trollolol or one more elite in your hand), a heavy cav or a tactic card (if you have both commanders horn and reinforcements in your hand + natalis)



Step 1: Play Trollolol / or play redenian elite if you do not have the troll. You can use reinforcements to get the troll if you do not need it to get your blue stripes out.

Step 2: Get your blue stripes out. You have 3x Blue Stripe Scouts, 2 Tutor-Tactic cards and John Natalis, it should be possible. If you only get 2 of them out it is still ok. Do not be afraid to use john natlis this round if that means you get all blue stripes out, it is also good tempo. If you use any tutors to get them out try to reaver scout into blue stripe scout for better thinning.

Step 3: Play your infantryman (you can also play them after your first 2 blue stripe scouts for 20 point tempo play and play the third scout after them)

Step 4: Play one heavy cav to remove armor from your troll/elite.

Step 5: Try to stay in the round as long as possible, but do not try to touch your armor package for r3. If you have to invest too much to win the round pass, you still have your r3 win condition. Also try to safe horn for r3 if possible.

R2: Mulligan redenian elites in your hand to be able to pull them with stennis r3, try to fish for cards like shani and dj if you do not have them in your hand yet.    

Try to get rid of blanks this round as long as your op does not get card advantage cause of that.                                                                                                                                  

(otherwise) Dry pass into r3.

If your op won r1 and wants to bleed you this round safe shani and dj for r3.

If you have John Natalis in your hand and also remaining tactic cards or both tactic cards mulligan one of the tactic cards to prevent him from being a blank. At this point of the match you should have very few cards left in your decks so you can also try to fish for remaining golds. Always fish for DJ if you do not have him in your hand. Also consider that you might need a target for reaver scout if you did not play it r1 or r2.      

Step 1: Play Shani into trollolol/elite or just trollolol if you did not play before. ( if you do not have shani start with elite from hand or stennis – marching orders into stennis. )

Step 2: Stack units with armor in the same row to be able to hit at least 2 good targets with keira.

Step 3: Play Natalis into your remaining tactic card. If you already played Natalis go for dj now.

Step 4: Play DJ. Depending on the match this can also be a good last step or early step.

Step 5: Play your remaining heavy cavs and tools.

FINAL NOTE: The time to play dj depends on your hand and is very important. I would always try to set up targets for your heavy cav first and you should never play him if you have natalis in your hand and a tactic card left in your deck          

In total you play a huge amount of points r3 even if it does not look like it first, You get your points by removing armor with heavy cav or natalis into horn.

Also ALL STEPS can change depending on the board and your match up, there is no strict order, this is just how most matches work out.


When to play Radovid:

1. VS NG: When you lose the coin flip you can use him to lock 2 impera units, that helps winning the round a lot. If you won the coin flip you can safe him to counter iris r3 or to remove the spy tag from one of your buffed units or trollolol.

2. VS Spelltael: Use him on farseers, if your op does not want to play 2 of them at once use im on one of them, it denies a lot of points for your op.

3, VS Nr Machines: Try to safe him for a potential bork r3. If things look rly bad you can also use him to lock 2 crew units r1.

4. Monsters; Only use him on carry over units r1 if you feel that you are losing the round. Otherwise safe him for r2 or potentional suprises r3.

5. Sk: Safe him for r2 to lock carry over units, golden graveyard girl in the first place. ( if you have thaler to negate the card advantage your op might have)

6. Consume Elder deck: Play radovid when you are able to hit 2 nekkers with him

In general: If you see 2 good targets for radovid or you need him to stay in the round PLAY HIM. The ” i will play radovid to counter his win condition r3″ dream can be a delusion. Otherwise see the list above.


Some basic tips at the end: A lot of people will try to win r1 by all means, try to stay as long in the round as possible. You have a lot of value in r1 thanks to your temerian package and trollolol/elite into ONE cav. But if your op is very far ahead or you have to touch too much of your r3 armor package just pass if you have card advantage…. most people will dry pass r2 anyway.

Play around igni!!! The most common mistake is trollolol next to one elite and than removing the armor from that elite making them both 11 point units. Same goes for stuff like commanders horn.

If the match went rly akward and you only have one elite in r3 as a target for your heavy cavs do not forget that you can remove the armor, than play keira and remove the armor again. The buff from the elites card effect will apply both times.

Always keep in mind what is left in your deck before you play dj. Never play more than one heavy cav before r3.



Thank your for reading all of this, i hope you have fun playing this, even if it is a bit tricky sometimes. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments, enjoy 😀

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5 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Radovid (4,4k last season, with guide)

  1. Razaro
    November 16, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Hi CursedFish – do you have maybe a youtube vid with you or some1 paying this deck ? It looks mighty fine but it is hard to grasp for me 🙂

  2. SpammyD
    November 15, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    I’ve been absolutely CRUSHING with this deck. Cheers Bro!

  3. Elflivesmatter
    November 15, 2017 at 3:08 am

    Good desk so far. nice work. RNG god bless u ! :))

  4. wizarddude51
    November 14, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Really enjoying this deck so far, I was just wondering how u deal with round 3 Scorch and Igni?

    • Elflivesmatter
      November 15, 2017 at 3:05 am

      to handle Igni. Try not stacking units with the same power in 1 row to reduce the loss. usually i dont have more than 4 or 5 units when i go to round 3 so Igni is not a big deal.


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