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A very complex deck that takes a look at how well a control deck can be with lots of card advantage. The deck revolves around getting out Octvist as soon as possible. Copy it on round 1 with OperatorDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: If neither player has passed, choose a Bronze Unit in your Hand and create a base copy of it in both players' Hands. and let the shenanigans commence! Depending on the matchup you can also copy OlgierdWhen this Unit is Discarded or Destroyed, Weaken it by half (rounding up). At the start of Rounds 2 and 3, Resurrect this Unit if it is in the Graveyard., especially if you have a CaretakerDeploy: Resurrect a Bronze or Silver Unit from your opponent's Graveyard. in hand. Your opponent will struggle with wanting to destroy Octvist or letting you take the advantage. The deck forces your opponent into making risky decisions, but allowing you to remove basically anything with WyvernDeploy: Damage an Enemy by 3. If you have any Draconids in your Hand, Strengthen self by 2. and Alzur's ThunderDamage a Unit by 7.. The main “draw” mechanic you have are NekkerWhenever an Ally Consumes a card, Boost this Unit by 1 while in your Hand, Deck or on your side of the Board. Deathwish: Play a copy of this Unit from your Deck., Wild Hunt RiderIncrease by 1 the Damage dealt by Frost Hazards on the opposite row. and Last Wish and  Avallac'hDeploy: If neither player has passed, both players draw the top 2 cards from their Decks.. Although not very strong, I have found that it’s enough to thin your deck to fish out the cards you might need. They’re also fairly safe against ScorchDestroy all the Highest Units. and Both Three Jacdaws. 

I really do hope that whoever tires this deck will help to change the minds of those who think that Monster cannot contend in the current meta. Weather might be non apparent, but control is heavy right now. Have fun! And like always…

Happy Gwenting!


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