Let our powers combine! (3.5k – 4k thin Nillfgaard)


-- 6,150

I must confess – I’m a F2P player. In order to have any decent cards, I have absolutly devouted myself to one fraction – the one and only Empire. This deck is a hybrid of tempo and control versions of J.C decks, and brought me to a “Master” rang at 19 lvl. Enjoy.

This deck is all about thinnig – all bronze cards are either tech, or thin. You should win by card advantage and controling your enemy board.

Lets start with bronzes:

Imperial GolemWhenever you Reveal a card in your opponent's Hand, play this Unit from your Deck (1 copy per card revealed). – the choise is obvious. Six free points in round one + 3 bronze cards fewer from your deck. Only positives.

Alba PikemanAfter 1 turn, at the start of your turn, play a copy of this Unit from your Deck on the row. Deploy: Gain 2 Armor. – The revelation of latest patches, proves to be a very decent thinnig card, by the cost of low tempo. Worth adding, especially with the Assire synergy

AlchemistDeploy: Reveal up to 2 cards.Daerlan Foot SoldiersWhenever you Reveal this Unit in your Hand, play it and draw the top card from your Deck. – Marvelous combo. Very high tempo + thin.

Vicovaro MedicDoomed. Deploy: Resurrect a Bronze Unit from your opponent's Graveyard. – Purly tech card, good against Discard SK and decent against Monsters (stealing Harpy & Elemental in secound turn). Could be replaced with Lacerate.

Rot TosserDeploy: Spawn a Cow Carcass on an opposing row. – I have a sentiment for this card. Offers a bit of control over enemy (unusual, for a bronze), but still, replacing one with Standard Bearer is reasonable.


 Peter Saar GwynleveDeploy: Reset a Unit. If it's an Ally, Strengthen it by 3. If it's an Enemy, Weaken it by 3. tremendous against Spotters, Nekkers, Pirates, Ekimmaras, Armor, etc, etc… Can be used twice with Assire & Cahir combo.

AuckesDeploy: Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If Enemies, Damage them by 1 as well. – No mater who is the ememy, there is always something to lock, and good, old Auckes can do it twice! Nothing, but love for our tired assasin.

ScorchDestroy all the Highest Units. – They never expect anything more, once you used your Igni. And then, they die. Horribly.

CantarellaDoomed. Deploy: Look at the top card from your Deck. Draw it, or place it at the bottom of your Deck and draw the new top card. – Card advantage generator. Very usefull with J.C and Cahir.

Assire Var AnahidDeploy: Shuffle up to 2 Bronze or Silver cards from either Graveyard into that player's Deck. – This woman will save you, if you happened to overthin your deck, bringing back Peter, Alchemist or Rot Tossers. Could be also used with Pikemans and Roach, or disrupt Discard.

And now, the main dish:

Tibor EggebrachtRegressing. Deploy: If neither player has passed, Strengthen self by 15, then your opponent draws the top Bronze card from their Deck and Reveals it. – AKA “How I won Round 3”

VilgefortzDeploy: Destroy an Ally or (only possible if your opponent has not passed) an Enemy. If you Destroy an Ally, play the top card from your Deck. If you Destroy an Enemy, your opponent draws the top Bronze card from their Deck and Reveals it. – One of the more impactfull Gold cards, can be used as a third hard removal, or to destroy units weakened by weather.

CahirDoomed, Stubborn. Deploy: If playing as Nilfgaard, trigger your Leader's Deploy ability. – Double gun, double fun! – Mostly used in second (to bait roach and pull out the Pikeman, to put pressure on your opponent), less often in third round (to find cards that was saved by the Assire). 

Geralt: IgniDeploy: Destroy all the Highest Units on the opposite row if that row totals 25 or more Power. – most common removal, great against NR. No explenation needed, I hope.

You don’t need to win first round. Trurly, you don’t. Discard all Pikemans and search for them as J.C in your first move. You are trying to gain card advantage by very high tempo plays, nothing more. I recomand passing, when your  Pikeman is about to pull one of his collageues.

Round two is stealing discard, Mangonels and carry overs. Use your Alchemist to thin your deck to the max, possibly play Cahir to know, what will you draw, use Carantella. Burn something with Igni to give your oponent a ilussion of safety

Round Third is simply a big fire festival. Scorche, Vilgefortz, Peter, Assire and obviously Tibor. Not many players will be prepared for that much pressure.

Good luck and remember – Order will triumph! It must triumph!

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One thought on “Let our powers combine! (3.5k – 4k thin Nillfgaard)

  1. Eydok
    August 8, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Good deck, good guide. You have my upvote 🙂


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