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I try to have fun playing this card game, and this deck was from an idea I had that turned out to be pretty fun to play.

I built this deck around Vrihedd Vangaurds, Vrihedd Officers, and Ele’Yas. The idea behind this deck is to get as many elf allies on your side of the board as possible, and then mulligan Vrihedd Vangaurds in order to boost them all. The best case scenario, you draw Ele’Yas to your hand right at the beginning.

The strategy is somewhat simple, but really fun. You want to have Vangaurds in hand. Play your blue mountain commandos first. Hopefully, you were able to mulligan out one or both the Wardancers from your opening hand. This will allow you to use a Mercenary, pull first light, and ensure you rally a Vrihedd Officer. Make sure to pull Roach and Aelirenn before you start to mulligan.  Ideally, you would like to mulligan Ele’Yas as much as possible in order to boost it, as this will lead to a 20+ point round 3 play.

Sarah is the definition of synergy in this deck. It can be used with Vangaurds to boost and/or draw other bronze cards. Use her to mulligan a silver card (after you’ve drawn out Roach and Aelirenn) to try and find Ele’Yas. Sarah can also be used to boost Ele’Yas by 4 if you pulled Roach and Aelirenn, and Ciaran and Yaevinn have been used or are in your hand. 

Here are a few plays:

  • Use Officer to mulligan Yaevinn for 16 points or Ciaran for 13 points.
  • Boost Ele’Yas by 7 by using Francesca to mulligan and draw it back to your hand.
  • Mulligan 2 Vangaurds with Saskia to boost all elf allies on the board by 2.


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