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Missing a few cards from the update that the site hasn’t added yet. Added 3 Adrenaline Rush and 1 Arachas Venom to fill the deck out, replace them with these cards. Will update when Gwentify adds them.


Vincent, Silver, 8 power – remove ALL UNITS armor and boost self by half the value

Two copies of Tormented Mages, Bronze, 2 power – play a bronze spell or item from your deck

Spear, Bronze, Item – Damage an enemy by the value of a bronze or silver unit in your hand

Changes to existing Armor archetype cards:

Kiera Metz – now spawns Alzur’s Thunder, Thunderbolt Potion, or Arachas Venom

Trollolo – no longer has a passive ability, gains 9 armor on deployment 

Redanian Elite – power buffed from 6 to 8, still gains 4 armor and boosts by 5 when it is removed

Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry – power buffed from 7 to 8, same ability

Kaedweni Sergeant – power buffed from 7 to 9, gains 3 armor instead of 2

What theses changes mean: 

Heavy Cavalry and Elites no longer boost to 11 power each, preventing a scorch or Igni from hitting both. They now boost to 12 and 13 respectively. 

Trollolo no longer gets insta-locked or compressed, leaving you with a decent 9 point boost choice for Cavalry. 

Kiera has viable options. 

Kaedweni Sergeants have a decent body, weather clear, and ok armor value. Adding quite a lot to your options. Also provides a good choice for Spear, essentially another Alzur’s Thunder. 

Mulligan away Thunderbolt Potions, and keep Natalis from being a dead 6 point gold. Work around Igni as best you can as you will be row stacking for Commanders Horn and Thunderbolt targets, so always stagger your point values. Vincent can be massive in a long round, buff multiple units with the potions to keep that armor value spread around. Take the Elites armor with Cavalry, then add more with potions before you play Vincent for great value, should easily get you 20+ points. 

You have a few control options with Radovid, Spear, and Kiera -> Alzur’s. 

A mirror Armor match-up can pose issues as you’ll both be waiting for whoever drops Vincent first, somewhat negated by Elites boost though, make sure to not boost your opponents Elites.

The new Cursed leader Adda can also create Vincent, but it’s RNG dependent. 



EDIT: Dropped Spear for 

Recconnaisance – look at 2 bronze units in your deck and play 1

Far more versatility than spear which I found only a few good times to use it. It’s also a Tactics card so Natalis can be a dead 6 points less often which is




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3 thoughts on “Midwinter Armor Deck

  1. Vitiate
    January 18, 2018 at 7:35 am

    the kaedweni sergeants feel so nice when going against a fog based monster deck, i’ve literally had some people forfeit in the first round when they realize their strategy is dead because they wasted all of the frost / fog cards in the first round.

  2. Crythene
    January 14, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    Love this deck! Recon is an interesting choice, I feel like the deck thins enough that it would be a dead card almost as often as John is. I run Alzur’s thunder instead anyway because I’ve been running into a million NilfSpy decks. Any reason you went with spear over thunder originally?

    • Johnnydepo - Author
      January 30, 2018 at 7:20 am

      Picked Spear originally for no other reason than it being a new card, and it often hit harder than Thunder’s 9 damage.

      Almost always used Recon early if in hand, and focused heavily on using Natalis before he would wind up dead, felt like more of a task than actually playing the opponent.

      Haven’t played this armor deck in a while, Armor decks in general have risen in popularity and have seen quite a few running Ciri Nova, Vandergrift, etc. Mess around with it until it feels right for you.


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