Moonlight: Blood Moon Hazard


-- 5,480

Like the Full Moon deck, the site is missing the core Bronzes. Here is what I run for this. 


Aguara True Form, create a bronze or silver spell. 


Bridge Troll, 9 str, move a hazard on an enemy row to a different row

Werecat, 5 str, deal 5 damage to an enemy then deal 1 damage to all enemies under Blood Moon.

Siren, 4 str, play moonlight from your deck

Moonlight, apply a full moon boon or a blood moon hazard.

Aeromancy was changed last patch, and is now: Aeromancer, 4 str, spawn Frost, Fog, or Alzur’s Thunder


Blood Moon acts as a lacerate, dealing 2 damage to all units on a row when you play it. But it also damages any units moved or played on that row afterwards. That being said, I will typically use one of my moonlights to Full Moon one of my own rows, giving me +2 every turn. To start our offensive Moonlighting, Eredin or Aeromancer to frost one enemy row, then apply Blood Moon to another enemy row. That will force them to stack their only hazard-free row. After they’ve placed a few units on it, start bouncing Blood Moon with Bridge Trolls.  Our Werecats can find a point swing exceeding 16 points, and can really punish if you blood moon two enemy rows. Jotunn finds more value pulling units into Blood Moon than pulling them into Frost, and using Monster Nest to spawn a Drowner is a 16 point swing. Dorregaray’s most useful spawns are any of the Moonlight synergy cards (Alpha Werewolf, Werewolf, Werecat, Lamia) but can spawn a few useful non-moonlight cards such as: Morkvarg, Mygrtabrakke, Ocvist, Slyzard, even Savage Bear. Though there are more than a few poor cards to have him create, you usually get a decent choice, I mean, at least Ocvist gives you card advantage. 

All in all, this deck is decent. But absolutely needs some more cards developed for it. Which I’m sure will come in the form of the vampire archetype CDPR have mentioned. 

Edit: I’ve dropped Eskel for Regis: Higher Vampire, and I’ve dropped Dorregaray and Monster Nest for Iris and Nivellan. Also added 3 drowners and dropped the Slyzards and Frost, switched Eredin for Dagon. 

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