Moonlight: Full Moon Boon


-- 5,330

Gwentify still has yet to update, so I’ve added a bunch of trash neutral bronzes to make the required full 25 card list.

Here is what the deck is missing.

Missing Cards: 


Aguara True Form, create a bronze or silver spell (pick from a draw of 3 random) most useful draws are typically Scorch, Bekker’s Twisted Mirror, and a few others. Can pull several bad or useless cards like Restore. 


3 Alpha Werewolfs, 10 str, spawn a wolf on either side on contact with Full Moon. 12 point total bronze that adds more beasts to be boosted under Full Moon and 3 bodies to line up a commanders horn.

3 Werewolfs, 7 str, Boost by 7 on contact with Full Moon, Immune. Immunity tags means it cannot be targeted by any player-aimed attack. Can still be scorched and hit by Harald. 

3 Sirens, 4 str, play moonlight from your deck. Is marked as a beast so it gets buffed under moonlight, slow tempo play, but it’s a setup card that thins your deck. 

3 Moonlight, apply a Full Moon boon, or apply a Blood Moon hazard. Full Moon boosts a random beast or vampire on its row, Blood Moon damages all units on a row by 2 on contact.

Blood Moon has some potential as an offensive play, but this deck is all about self-boosting. I’m testing a Blood Moon variant now, I’ll make a deck list for that after a while. 

Also, Nekurat has been changed to spawn moonlight.

Card Replacements:

First and foremost the golds. These are actually all personal preference as there are no Moonlight synergy cards.

Eskel has a hard time finding value as most units end up boosted somehow. But he is a clean removal of most engine cards. You can replace him with whatever you like.

Succubus… you think I’m kidding but this one has won more games than I thought it would. Very few decks keep their damaging units in their final two cards, and if you have card advantage it’s very unlikely that Succubus will die by their final card. 

Aguara is RNG fun. 

Ge’els is always useful. Now onto the silvers.

Monster Nest has some utility value, can get a 17 point Ghoul if you have an Alpha Werewolf in the graveyard, or can pull a 13 point Ancient Foglet to boost while Dagon’s Fog is on board.

I ran Dorregaray in this deck for a while as he can pull Moonlight synergy cards, but it’s inconsistent, and replaced him with Commanders horn. 

Deck Overview

Your mulligans are pretty straightforward, get Foglet out if its in hand, and if it isn’t, don’t be too greedy on that 3rd mulligan. Next, get any Moonlight cards out of your hand if you have sirens. If you have Toad Prince in hand, keep a Slyzard, if not, mulligan Slyzard.

(reminder that there is currently a bug causing mulliganed cards to stay at the top of your deck)

Your standard opening play is going to be a Siren into Moonlight. Low tempo, but it’s value over time can be substantial. If your opponent is running a heavy control deck, Werewolfs are fantastic. 

Keep playing your beasts and vampires into your Moonlight, and be sure to not fill a row with units that cannot be boosted.

Play Dagon early to thin the Foglet. 

This deck has a weird match-up with weather decks. It comes down to who has more hazards in hand, as you can clear a row of a hazard by playing moonlight, and they can clear your row of moonlight with a hazard. The mirror moonlight match is actually humorous to watch.

(Moonlight is bugged, and will trigger Moonlight unit abilities on the opposite row, ex. Boosting a werewolf by 7 on the enemies close combat row when you play Full Moon on your CC row)


Edit: dropped Eskel for Regis Higher Vampire. 

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