Morvran Reveal Machines


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Heavily inspired by Scorpiii’s Reveal deck, i recommend checking out his guides, he goes into fantastic detail.


I really enjoy playing this deck. Fast tempo, good control. 

Mangonels are very easy lock or kill targets for your opponent but the potential damage output they offer, should they go unanswered, is very respectable. 

The optional silver cards for this style are The Guardian and Hefty Helge. The Guardian hasn’t given me full use yet as its always been a rare first round draw for me but if you can get it out in the first round it serves an extremely useful purpose, as well as giving you a Leo Bonhart reveal target. Hefty Helge is one i include almost solely for style. It’s ability is unique, and delivers a good point swing in a very long round, but there may be a more useful silver in your opinion. None that look as cool as hitting 10+ enemies at once though.

There are a few different choices for Bronze cards here. If you choose to run Vanhemar you could potentially drop the Standard Bearer for another. In fact, I’m likely to swap The Guardian for Vanhemar very soon. I’ll update if it turns out for the best. The Nilfgaardian Knight i include for the same reason Scorpiii includes one in his deck, its a high point reveal for Leo. It also has the added benefit of revealing a card, a random one, but that is easily influenced by holding it and the card you want to reveal with it late into the game. 

Iris is destroyed in one hit from a revealed or deployed Scorpion, though your opponent has one turn to either decoy her or buff her. If she is buffed beyond 8 points, it is best to kill her with Vilgefortz. 


All in all, this deck is not as consistent as Emyhr Spies, but not many decks can top that one. It is unique, and it is fun. It has a tough match up against weather decks, which can be alleviated by running Vanhemar. It also struggles in a Reveal ditto, as they will be revealing your own valuable reveal targets, negating their value. 

Again, thank you to Scorpiii for inspiring me to rebuild my reveal deck.


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